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October in the town of Bellto and everyone
is getting set for Halloween. The most popular costume for the year in this
town is Belly Girl. It is some sight seeing all the teenage girls running
around with their costumes of stuffed bellies around town. Belly Girl and her
friends are the unique heroine team for this peaceful town. On any given night
one can see Belly Girl flying Patrol with the other members such as Plasti-girl
or Balloon Girl. On occasion even the Gutt has been helping out on major
projects. The Gutt, the newest member to join the Belly Brigade, is really Dr.
Heidi Feesal. With the help of Dr. Holstrom, she has been able to control her
super strong alter ego. With the girls in town, Bellto has become a friendly place
with very little crime.

One of the few areas of trouble is the
secret hide out of the evil Dominatra and her reluctant partner Dr. Maelstrom.
At this moment Dominatra is out attending her brother's, Jaw Breaker, trial.
Jaw Breaker was recently captured by Belly Girl. This leaves Dr. Maelstrom
minding the store. He is very excited for two reasons. One, his niece Juanita
Sanchez is visiting. Juanita is a statuesque beauty that could be a super model
for any agency she chooses. With her perfect 5' 8" 110 pound hourglass
figure. She has all the thugs in the hide out swooning and drooling over her.
Her natural beauty is flawed by a tiny hair line scar that runs under her left
jaw line. This scar has left Juanita a bitter and angry woman whose conceit
surpasses her uncle's. The second reason Dr. Maelstrom is excited is his latest
batch of experimental drug to revolutionize plastic surgery is ready for
testing. "Oh Juanita my darling, I can't wait to see the perfect results
from my latest experiment. All I need is a test subject. But the lackeys around
here are all worthless to me." "If this drug will rid me of my
horrible disfigurement, I will gladly take it for you." "No, no dear,
you are perfect, in no need of improvement." "Stop saying that! I'm
ugly, a monster to the world. Now give me the pills." Juanita grabs the
pills and downs three of them before the doctor could stop her. "Now my
stolen beauty will be returned!"

As the doctor watches in horror, Juanita
begins to melt. Within seconds she is turned into a pile of flesh colored goop.
"Oh my God. Help Help!! Witch one of idiots messed with my experiment! My
poor sweet Juanita how could they do this to you!" A few of the thugs come
over to see what all the commotion is about as well as to tell the doctor to quit
disturbing their TV viewing. As one of the thugs round a corner, he trips and
falls face first into the pile that was once Juanita Sanchez. Instantly he is
covered with the slime and struggles to escape. After a minute or two of
struggling, the thug is hopelessly engulfed in the slime which starts to harden
around him. Everyone looks on in shock as the now hardened pile starts to crack
open. What finally emerges is a stunning surprise to the crowd.

A six foot six inch body that slowly takes
on the features of Juanita. The arms and legs however seem out of place for
her. They are very muscular, almost male in appearance. "Jua… Juanita
honey are … are you okay?" "Give me a mirror. Now!" Dr.
Maelstrom, tripping over himself quickly hands a mirror to the composite
figure. "Oh uncle, look, your drug works! The horrible scar, it's gone,
I'm perfect again." "Do you feel okay Juanita, here sit down."
"I feel so alive uncle Mal. This is the happiest day of my life."
"You don't remember what happened?" "No I must have passed out
from the excitement." "I see, here cover yourself with this."
Dr. Maelstrom hands Juanita his coat as, to his surprise clothes seem to form
out of her skin to cover herself. "How did you do that?" 'Do what
uncle?" "You seem to have produced clothing right out of your own
skin. I must run some tests."

After many hours of testing, Dr. Maelstrom
finds some startling improvements to Juanita. "Juanita, you are capable of
shifting your appearance and mold your entire body to resemble anything you can
imagine." Really, you mean I can turn into anything I can think of?"
"Yes, the drug you took has given you this ability." Already ideas of
evil intent are forming in the doctor's mind. "We can take over the world
with your powers, Juanita but first we need to stop that Belly Girl so she
doesn't ruin our plans." "I'll handle her uncle but I'm not just
Juanita anymore. I'm the Morphidite!"

Speaking of Belly Girl, at this moment she
and the rest of the team is in the middle of a training session. The girls have
converted an area of the warehouse lab that Dr. Holstrom runs, into their base
of operations. The training area is basically an obstacle course that can be
changed around to help the girls to perfect the use of their powers. Right now
Tiffany Evans and Laurie Seaburg, who are Belly Girl and Balloon Girl, are
standing on top of a pillar of crates on opposite sides of the gym. Both are in
their normal state. Wendi, the artificial Plasti-girl, is standing in front of
the crates where Tiffany is standing. Heidi is standing in the center with a
huge sphere suspended over her. On the count of three the team goes into
action. Both Tiffany and Laurie jump off the crates. Tiffany curls into a ball
and heads straight for Wendi. Wendi quickly turns and inflates her belly to
huge proportions. Tiffany hits and bounces off Plasti-girl's inflated belly
like a trampoline. At the same time Laurie quickly calculates her trajectory
and balloons up seconds before impact with the floor. Both girls are flying
through the air towards the ball above Heidi. Tiffany straightens out and gives
her exposed belly a quick rub. She is instantly transformed into Belly Girl and
takes flight.

Balloon Girl adjusts herself to try to
intercept Belly Girl. At the last possible moment, Belly Girl arches her back
and points her distended belly skyward, causing Balloon Girl to pass just under
her. Belly Girl then quickly flies to the chain holding the ball. She hovers in
position by the chain and with a look of concentration, Belly Girl's belly starts
to glow and grow in size. A thin line of energy emits from Tiffany's belly and
starts to melt the chain. Balloon Girl flies up behind Belly Girl and crashes
into Tiffany, grabbing her around the hips. But the ricochet of Balloon Girl is
a second too late and the chain is cut. The giant sphere is heading directly
for Heidi. Seconds before impact, Heidi clenches her teeth and balls her fists.
The huge belly of the Gutt erupts from the small figure of Dr. Feesal. Now
transformed, the Gutt easily catches the ball. "Hey Plasti-girl
catch." Says the Gutt as she pitches the heavy sphere at Wendi.
Plasti-girl inflates her hands to help cushion the impact and gently sets the
ball down. "Great work out girls." Says Laurie. "We are getting
so good at this hero team stuff." "You said it. With all this
practice, I'm really getting good at transforming into the Gutt."
"And I'm getting a good handle on the precision use of my Belly
Beam." The girls turn back to their normal forms and head out to shower

After getting cleaned up the girls are
lounging around the table, doing homework and reading the latest soap opera
magazines. Suddenly Dr. Holstrom comes running in "Tiff … girls you need
to see this, quickly turn on the TV to channel 7." As the TV warms up a
special bulletin is being broadcast. "In a daring daytime robbery the
alleged heroine Belly Girl has stolen a total of 5 million dollars from the
First Continental Bank. Seen here in this footage…" the picture changes,
showing what appear to be Belly Girl running with a large bag. She comes to a
stop with her big belly and breasts bouncing, and gets into a van. The van
takes off at a frenzied pace. "She is reported to have two male partners
that made their get away into the warehouse district. If you see Belly Girl, do
not approach her, she is considered extremely dangerous. Please contact the
police of any whereabouts of the three wanted fugitives." Tiffany turns
off the TV. "That's impossible. That looked exactly like me. How can that
be?" "I don't know Tiffany but the police have contacted me to make
some restraining devices to help capture and contain you as Belly Girl."
"We should head for the police and tell them there's been a mistake."
says Laurie. "The reporter said that the fugitives are hiding out in the
warehouse district. We should search that area for clues. I have recorded the
appearance of the van in great detail." "That's great Wendi. It sure
pays to have someone like you on the team. Now let's go get the creeps that are
trying to smear my good name." The girls each power up in their own way
and head out to the warehouse district.

Inside one the old warehouses, the van that
the crooks used is hidden from the view of the police by some crates. Gathered
around an overturned cable spool, the two thugs are happily counting out the
money. "What a great idea you had Morphidite." "Yah, posing as
that Belly Girl and robbing the bank." "This will bring down that
pain in the butt do-gooder for sure." says Juanita still in Belly Girl
form. She looks at herself in a dirty broken mirror and marvels at the way she
looks. Juanita can't help but to touch and feel the big belly that is on her
body. "Hey guys do you think I look attractive like this?" One of the
goons looks over at her eyeing her chest and belly. "Nah, you look better
as you normally are." With a quick shake Morphidite transforms into her
normal self. "Man, how does she carry that big belly around all the time,
my back hurts." says Juanita while rubbing the small of her back.
"Now all we need to do is have her spot this warehouse, then we can get
rid of her once and for all." As Morphidite checks the settings on a
device that her uncle claims will capture Belly Girl.

The decision was made that the team would
split up to cover more ground. Belly Girl and Plasti-girl would take the north
end and Balloon Girl and Gutt would take the south. "If anyone sees
anything suspicious, contact Plasti-girl on the radio. Okay let's go." says
Belly Girl taking flight. Soon Plasti-girl locates the van from the air.
"They must be around here someplace. Plasti-girl you get the rest of the
team while I scout around." Belly Girl enters the building that the van is
by while Plasti-girl sets out to find the others. The building is dark with
spots of light coming through holes in the ceiling. All of a sudden a spotlight
over head shines down on the figure of a tall muscular woman. "So you can
only be the infamous Belly Girl. I guess there would be no way to hide it. Not
with that big round tum tum sticking out in front of you." "Who are
you?" "My name is none of your business but you can call me
Morphidite. I'm here to destroy you." "Well we'll see about
that." Belly Girl makes a dive for Morphidite. At the last second Juanita
seems to melt right before Belly Girl can touch her. Belly Girl crashes to the
floor as the puddle that is Morphidite slides over to a machine. Morphidite
congeals back to her normal form as she pulls a lever. A humming sound builds
as an energy field wraps around Belly Girl. "Ugh, can't move!" "Well
what do you know the field works. My uncle is a genius." Belly Girl is
completely helpless suspended in air with her belly pointing to the ceiling.
With a loud crash the back of the warehouse explodes inward as the Gutt tears
through the wall. "Oh I have a few surprises for your not so little
friends too." Morphidite hits a button and giant tentacles come shooting
out of the floor. Two of the tentacles shoot towards the Gutt, one snakes out
after Plasti-girl while the last two go after Balloon Girl. "Boys I think
its time for us to leave the Belly Brigade to their fun. Let's get."
"Can't do Morph, someone took the engine out." "Looks like it
has been chewed out."

As the tentacles try to grab at Balloon
Girl, she is quickly dodging them by bouncing off a wall, deflating as the
steel coil passes by her and re-inflating before hitting the floor or wall. The
Gutt is using her super strength to try to grab hold of a tentacle as they bash
into her huge stomach and try to pull her off balance. Plasti-girl is using her
ability to inflate body parts to fend off the steel cable and reach the
controls of the machine. Balloon Girl hits on an idea and starts to work her
way around the two tentacles. Soon she has the two tentacles tied up into
knots. The two cables tear each other apart trying to get Balloon Girl. The
Gutt finally is able to grab hold of one of the coils and bites it in half. The
bitten off part is then used to club the remaining cable to pieces. Plasti-girl
has let the coil snake around her waist where it tries to crush her.
Plasti-girl inflates her belly to force the cable apart. Her belly being
stronger causes the tentacle to explode. "I have contacted the police of
our location. They should be here shortly." "Good work Plasti-girl,
now let's free Belly Girl." After freeing Belly Girl, Tiffany tells them
the story. "So this Morphidite is able to copy you and tried to ruin your
rep." "That's it exactly Gutt."

With no truck and the sounds of sirens
heading their way the two thugs start to panic. "What we gonna do? We need
to get out of here!!" "Oh no Belly Girl has somehow escaped. The
indicator shows all systems down. How did that team of bulging bellies beat my
uncle's machines? Boys hold off the cops I'm taking out Belly Girl
personally." Morphidite heads out into the warehouse as the thugs look for
a hiding place. Juanita spots the team as they spread out to search for her and
the thugs. Morphidite changes to a rat and follows Belly Girl. Belly Girl
passes a stack of crates, not seeing a pair of eyes open on its side. The
crate's side turns into a huge mallet and crashes into the back of Belly Girl,
sending her flying. The crate takes on the shape of Morphidite as her hands
become two big hammers. Again Morphidite swings and connects with Tiffany's big
belly, knocking her into a stack of crates. The noise has attracted the rest of
the team, which comes running over. Before the team can see her, Morphidite's
belly swells as she takes on the appearance of Belly Girl. "She's over
here gang, she tried to get the drop on me but I beat her to it." "N
… no she's the imposter; I'm the real Belly Girl." Says a Belly Girl as
she climbs out of the debris. "Oh no, now what do we do? Which one is the
real Belly Girl?" The Gutt walks behind the Belly Girl who just climbed
up. She wraps her arms around Belly Girl. "I got this one Plasti-girl you
grab the other." "Plasti-girl it's me, she caught the shape shifting
imposter." As Plasti-girl moves towards the free Belly Girl the other
begins to struggle in the Gutt's grip. "No, no you have the wrong
one!" cries the fighting Belly Girl. An evil smile plays across the free
Belly Girl's face as Plasti-girl looks at the two. Suddenly an energy field
grabs the free Belly Girl. As the field surrounds her Morphidite's disguise
starts to slip before being trapped. Juanita's head and arms are back to normal
but she is stuck in the field with a huge belly, breasts and hips. "How
did you know who was who?" "Simple Balloon Girl, the real Belly Girl
has a unique energy field emitting from her belly. I needed time to adjust my
viewing to pick the field up." Suddenly there is gunfire coming from the

The team runs out to see two police officers
under fire from the thugs. One officer is bleeding from a shoulder while the
other is pinned behind some crates with little area to safely move. The thugs
have a great spot to hold off the police. Belly Girl looks over the situation
and tells Plasti-girl to try to get to the downed officer. She then sends Gutt
to position herself behind the wall to the thugs' backs. "Okay Balloon
Girl on my mark bounce off and try to knock the crates off the top of that
stack." Belly Girl gets into position that gives her a view of the thugs.
She starts to concentrate, with her hands balled into fists. Her belly starts
to swell with the energy building up inside her. "Now Balloon Girl!"
Balloon Girl bounces off the crates as two thin energy beams shoot from the
distended belly of Tiffany. The twin beams hit the guns in the crooks' hands
causing them to drop the guns. The thugs turn to run and collide with the
immense belly of the Gutt who chewed her way through the wall. The police round
up the thugs. The EMTs take the wounded officer to the hospital. "Nice
work Belly Girl, we knew it couldn't be you. So this Morph or what ever her
name is tried to trash you and turn the public against you. Any idea why?"
"I have a few ideas but nothing concrete." "Well we recovered
the money and arrested the other two but how are we going to handle her?"
"Right now she is in a portable stasis field that can be moved with
this." Says Plasti-girl handing the officer a remote control. "For a
more permanent containment I believe you should contact a Dr. Holstrom for
suggestions." "Thanks Plasti-girl. It's great to have the Belly
Brigade around." "Thank you officer." With that the Belly
Brigade takes off for their headquarters.

The End



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