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Renegade Force #3: Comes the Raccoon

The tranquil quiet of the forest is broken by the sound of
engines. A pair of two-seater caged ATVs break from the thick of the forest
into a clearing. “Deb, the scanner indicates that we should be on top of the
energy source.” “Think that crater over there could be the spot Flora?” states
the driver of the lead vehicle.

Four members of the recently government sanctioned
contractors of the Agency exit the ATVs. “Man, the Agency has some really cool
toys!” exclaims the energetic Air Bag. “I’m happy to be off the wanted lists
Chris,” states her friend Debra Huxton, the powerhouse with the protruding
belly, Midriff.

"Tech, this is Bubble Girl, we have located the source of
that energy spike in the area, looks like a meteorite hit.” “Copy that Sandy. Think you girls can get a sample?” “Can do one better, how about the whole thing
honey?” Midriff pulls a containment box from the back of the ATV.

Christen Cantz and Florida Richmond stand watch as Debra
starts into the crater. Sandra Rosestein monitors the progress of her teammate.
“Radiation level is rising Deb.” “Thanks Sandy, going hard,” replies the big
bellied girl. Debra concentrates and feels the density of her body getting
deeper. Midriff feels herself sink ankle deep into the loose crater floor as
she nears the piece of space debris. “Flora, ask your plant friends in the area
if anything was sniffing around here. Looks like some animal tracks on the
crater side,” requests Midriff as she places the meteor fragment into the case.

The vegetation controller reaches out and touches the
surrounding plant life. Through her unique ability Flora receives images of a
young raccoon curiously exploring the area. “The tracks were made by a raccoon
Deb,” confirms the green skinned heroine. Midriff loads up the specimen and the
girls jump back into the ATVs and head back into the tree line. From the cover
of the dense underbrush two glowing eyes track the two vehicles.

After a short time the ATVs pull into the rear hold of the
team’s VTOL jet and are greeted by their teammate Tech-head. Spencer Davasinski
the large headed technopath of the team is also the boyfriend of Debra Huxton.
Tech-head has the ability to mentally interact with any type of computer system
and is an invaluable tech support to all missions.

"Hey honey, brought you back a present,” says Debra lifting
the containment box out one handed. “Just glad to have you back,” replies
Spencer giving Deb a hug and an affectionate belly caress. “Oh get a room you
two!” jabs Chris. Deb sticks her tongue out at her friends as the others laugh.

Tech-head turns his head to the side as if he is listening
to something. “Hey girls, just picked up a radio call. Seems some logging
outfit is in trouble. Care to take a look?” “Sure we can lend a hand, if that’s
okay with the rest of you?” asks Sandy. The others nod yes. Debra gives Spencer
a quick kiss and hops into the ATV next to Flora as Tech-head radios in the
team’s response with his power.

As the ATVs work their way up the logging trail the path is
blocked by the steaming wreck of a tractor trailer. The girls get out and start
to inspect the truck. Sandra notices the front of the vehicle. “Looks like
someone took a chainsaw to the front of this.” Bubble Girl runs her hand along
the deep gouges in the truck grill. “Yeah, or something with huge claws,” adds
Air Bag.

The next sight is the driver side door hanging loosely from
one hinge. A thin trail of blood leads from the truck into the bush. Midriff
points out the trail and signals the team to silence. Deb pulls back the bush
to expose a terrified man bleeding from his shoulder. The man lets out a cry of
surprise. “Easy there. I’m Midriff of the Renegade Force, we’re here to help.”
“Man, we need to get out of here! The army or something needs to get that
monstrosity!” exclaims the driver.

The rest of the girls come over to the driver. “What did
this monster look like?” asks Flora “Yeah, can you tell us what happened?” adds
Christen. The driver tries to recall what happened when suddenly the chains
holding the truck’s load snap sending the logs tumbling towards the group.
Almost on instinct Air Bag jumps in front of the group and expands out her
belly to maximum size. The logs smash into the super air inflated belly and
bounce away from the team. Christen then uses her anti-gravity field to cause
the bouncing logs to float harmlessly overhead.

The girls scramble out of the way. Midriff grabs the truck
driver and tosses him towards the ATVs. A silhouetted form jumps up onto the
trailer. Bubble Girl’s belly swells up and a line of energy bubbles blast from
her swollen middle. The bubbles explode on impact with the area but miss the
creature as it leaps out of the way.

Debra checks on the trucker. “Stay here, we’re going after
that thing. Air Bag, stay with him,” orders Midriff as she heads into the woods
after the fleeing opponent. “So you girls are like what, super heroes or
something?” “Yeah, something like that.” “Should your.. should she be going out
like that?” asks the perplexed driver. “What do you mean?” “Your friend, should
she be running around the forest dressed like that in her condition?” Christen
just laughs as she starts first aid on the man’s shoulder.

Midriff catches up to her teammates. Bubble Girl has her
belly fully extended and packed full of energy. Flora has she arms spread out
with her palms down. The green skinned woman’s head snaps and Flora points.
“There!” yells Flora. Sandy arches her back and thrusts out her big round belly
and fires out her energy bubbles. The stream on energy hits a thick area of
branches. The exploding spheres of energy light up the area.

Debra makes out a humanoid shape that appears to be covered
in grayish brownish colored fur dive from the trees. Midriff feels her
adrenaline kick in and she is next to the tree where the creature is perched in
a blink of an eye. With one mighty swing the big bellied heroine smashes the
tree nearly uprooting it. Shaken loose of its hiding place the furred being
tumbles to the ground.

Debra is quick to the side of the creature. Midriff is
startled by the sight of a large anthropomorphic raccoon scrambling to its
feet. The raccoon man lets out a low growl and grabs up a good sized branch.
The being swings the club like a baseball bat aiming for Debra’s distended

Midriff wills herself to go intangible. The raccoon man is
stunned to watch the club sail through the big bellied girl. The ground
explodes between Debra and her opponent as a burst of belly bubbles from Sandy
hits the area. The furred creature is thrown back but is able to flip through
the air and land clinging to the side of a tree.

The raccoon being lets out a yell and dives at Bubble Girl,
his claws extended menacingly. Flora aims and activates her wrist shooters. The
creature is hit in the side by a large tangle of vines that knocks him off
course. The beast comes to a sliding stop next to Sandra. Flora concentrates
and quickly has the raccoon man wrapped up tight in the vines. “Why are you
protecting the destroyers? Are you not one with the forest like me?” shouts the
raccoon man at Flora. The girls are shocked by this.

"You can talk!” exclaims Flora. “Yes I have learned the
language of the destroyers so that I can stop them.” replies the talking animal
man. “Who are these destroyers and what makes you think we are protecting
them?” questions Debra rubbing the side of her belly bulge. “Because you helped
that controller of the metal monster bulging one,” counters Raccoon. “Okay,
this is a misunderstanding, we just thought he needed help,” comments Sandra.

"How did you get this way and why are you attacking the
loggers?” asks Flora. Once Raccoon is freed he tells the girls how as a normal
animal he came across the fallen star that transformed into the forest
protector. He then leads the girl to the company’s operation office. “If I’m
interpreting this properly, the document shows the destroyers are working
outside their zone.” “Not only that Rac, this Forestech is not re-planting
trees in the area they have already cleared,” informs Flora.

Midriff contacts Spencer who mentally taps into the
company’s computer system. “Oh, guess who the parent company of this operation
is,” states Tech-head over the radio. “You’re kidding right, Roxcore?” “The one
and only Deb. I’ll contact Agent Coaltrane of this and bring Sky Force 1 over
to get you girls.”

The team’s VTOL jet comes in for a landing and soon a black
Suburban is pulling up to the site. “Great job on this team. I like the
ambition you young people show. Sent on a simple recon and retrieval and you
kick up another illegal Roxcore operation,” congratulates the agent. “Well we
did have helooph!” starts to say Christen before getting an elbow in the side.

After the driver is carted away with the agents, Tech-head
is led to the edge of the forest. “Okay Rac, the coast is clear,” yells out
Flora. Spencer is in awe as the raccoon man steps into view. “Tech-head this is
Raccoon the forest protector, Rack this is Tech-head.” The Raccoon extends and
shakes the hand of Spencer. “Uh, welcome to the super-hero community,” stammers
Spencer staring at their new found friend. “Super-hero, huh, I guess I already
have the mask for it,” says the animal man gesturing to his eyes. The team
bursts into laughter at the joke from their new ally.

The End
The Bellyworks Database
(Who’s who & what’s what in the Bellyverse)
Entry: 007

In the cold silence of space a metallic human figure gently
slides a metal tube into position. Magnetic clamps engage as Spencer Davasinski
steers his exo-suit into place and begins to weld the tube into place.
Tech-head calls in as he finishes the last of the weld. “Tech-head this is Ain,
be prepared for pressure testing.” The artificial lifeform and friend to
Spencer activates the ventilation system. “Looks good from out here Ain, no

"Hey babe, ready to come in? I’ve got lunch ready,” calls
out Spencer’s girlfriend, the powerhouse member of Renegade Force, Debra
Huston, known to the world as Midriff. Spencer docks his suit and soon joins
his two companions in the main computer room. “Place is shaping up,” states the
large headed hero.

"How long have the two of you been working on this place
anyway?” asks Debra as she brings over plates of food. “A few months, it’s kind
of a hobby that turned into something bigger.” “Like your database? Ain let me
check it out, nice entry on me by the way.” Spencer smiles and wraps his arms
around Deb’s big round belly. “Hey I have an idea. Do you mind if I do you?”
“Oh, um… the living quarters are not up yet, but I…” “No, I mean your database
entry. Is that all you have on your mind?” says Debra giving Spencer an
affectionate punch in the shoulder.

Database entry: Renegade Force (file: 006/Tech-head)

Name: Tech-head

Real Name: Spencer Davasinski

Height: 6’ 4”              Weight: 155lbs

Eyes: Brown                Hair: Light Brown

Origin: As a young boy Spencer was very inquisitive
on how things worked. He was always taking things like clocks, toasters, and
many other household devices apart and putting them back together, many times
in better working order than before. His parents realized quickly they had a
gifted child, they just didn’t know how gifted.

It was discovered during his physical exam before starting
school that Spencer was meta-gene enhanced with an intuitive understanding of
machinery and technology especially with anything electronic or computer
controlled. His parents never encouraged Spencer in pursuing his ability and
worried for their son’s introvert personality. Through his school career
Spencer was stereotyped and treated as a nerd, being he excelled in the
technical and scientific fields coupled with his shy awkward ways. He was also
tall and uncoordinated and appeared to have trouble getting his body parts to
cooperate with each other.

Things changed for him as he entered college on a full academic
scholarship. Socially he came into his own as he was introduced to a community
much like him who unlike his parents did not discourage his love of technology
and tinkering. College is also where he met the love of his life and soul-mate
in the athletic Debra Huxton (See file:005/Midriff).

The two were attracted to each other almost instantly and
quickly became a couple, with Debra being the initiator and helping Spencer out
of his social shell. During their sophomore year Spencer was introduced to
Debra’s new best friend Christen Cantz (See file: 004/Air Bag). Being marked
having an active meta-gene Spencer was entered into a database which led his
name being selected for targeting by a group of rogue scientists who wished to
create super powered soldiers for sale.

Spencer was captured at a trap that was disguised as an
invite party that he and Christen received invitations to. Spencer was
sequestered from the girls and experimented on by the group who were dubbed the
Tweekers Program. Able to stash away scrap parts Spencer assembled communicator
devices and smuggled them to Debra and Christen. As his powers grew Spencer
gained intel of the operations and schematics to the buildings of the Program.
Spencer was instrumental in breaking Debra and Christen out of the facility.

Debra and Christen’s escape led to the rescue of the two by
the newly formed Renegade Force (See file: Renegade Force/primary00). The super
group teamed up with the Belly Brigade (See file: Belly Brigade/primary00)
which led to the rescue of Spencer and others as well as the dismantling of the
Tweekers Program operation.

Spencer underwent some physical changes and enhancements to
his abilities as a result of the tests and experiments performed on him. After
adjusting to the changes Spencer took the code name of Tech-head, a nickname he
had since childhood, and has become an integral member of the Renegade Force.

Abilities: Spencer Davasinski is classified as a
technopath of high degree. He is able to intuitively understand any piece of
technology. His ability to ‘talk’ with machines is an unconscious act that he
never knew ha had until much later in life. Thanks to the experimentation
performed on him Tech-head is now able to mentally interact with computer
systems to the point of implementing control and change to active programs with
a mere thought.

He also underwent some physical changes as well. His brain
physically expanded allowing him to be able to absorb and transfer huge amounts
of data mentally. The brain expansion led to his skull to grow in size to
accommodate. A bit apprehensive at first of his change causes some awkward
moments for him which were quickly rectified by Debra’s love for him.

End of entry

Debra finishes up her entry on her man and allows Ain to catalog
and save the entry. “You make me blush babe, but we need to get back to work.”
Tech-head gives Midriff’s belly bulge a tender caress as she heads for the
newly added access tube. “I will join you two shortly. I am going to add a file
to the database,” states Ain.

Database entry: Belly Brigade (file: 006/Belly Blue)

Name: Belly Blue

Real Name: Sydney Crofton

Height:  5’ 6”              Weight: 125lbs

Eyes: Blue                  Hair: Black

Origin: Sydney Crofton was always interested in the
mysteries of the ancient civilizations of the world. This and her love of
adventure steered her pursuit in Archeology. A gifted student and her natural
curiosity and quick thinking captured the interest of world renowned
Archeologist and adventurer Dr Henry Drake.

Sydney accompanied Dr Drake on many of his expeditions and
learned everything she could. She became an invaluable assistant to the aging
Archeologist as Sydney’s internship continued. Upon Sydney graduating with high
honors for her doctorates degree in Archeology Dr Drake retired from field
work, passing it to Sydney.

Sydney quickly became the star in the Archeology world that
enjoyed exploring the less popular and more obscure mysteries for the past.
After establishing herself as a college professor, Sydney came across some ancient
scrolls that told the story of a powerful wizard from India
that claimed to be immortal. The tale stated that the magical being was finally
defeated and had his living essence imprisoned in a bottle. Intrigued Professor
Crofton set out to find the truth behind the story.

Sydney indeed discovered the temple and recovered the bottle,
a scroll, and a scepter from the booby trapped structure. Her return to the
university with the items led to disaster. While cleaning the bottle, Sydney’s intern accidentally broke the bottle freeing the evil essence of the wizard that
took residence inside the college student.

The destructive rampage of the possessed college girl led
the Belly Brigade (See file: Belly Brigade/primary00) to intervene and try to
stop the evil essence. Belly Girl (See file: 001/Belly Girl) discovered that
her unique energy could expel the wizard’s essence from his living host. With
the assistance of Sydney and the recovered scepter the Belly Brigade defeated
the wizard.

All that remained of the adventure was the blue gem from the
head of the scepter. Sydney returned to her lab to examine the gem. Through the
examination the young doctor had the overwhelming desire to place the gem on
her body. Sydney finally gave in and placed the gem over her belly button. The
professor was amazed to feel the gem adhere to her skin and more surprised by
the flood of power into her body.

After some time used to understand and control the mystic
energies that flooded into her when she place the gem on her belly, an act that
physically filled her with energy and caused her belly to swell up, Sydney went
from adventurer to super heroine. Sydney sought out membership with the Belly
Brigade and was inducted into the group as the mystical Belly Blue.

Abilities: Through the use of the magically imbued
blue scepter gem Sydney Crofton is able to draw in the mystical energies of the
world and manipulate them through her will. The gem bonds with Belly Blue when
she places the gem on her abdomen, when she does this the power surges into her
physically. She contains a huge amount of energy which her body accommodates within
her large distended belly.

Sydney has yet to explore all the uses of the magical
energies. Currently she is able to project the energy into physical constructs
that she can interact with such as the flying carpet which she uses as
transportation. She is also capable of focusing the energy into a projected
beam or blast with strong concussive force. She has yet to determine if the
blue color of the energy is the result of the gem or the gem is blue due to the

Sydney in her spare time explores ancient texts and stories
that reference any use of gems and other uses of magic and mystical devices.
She also trains rigorously with the team to keep physically fit and learn ways
to better use her power.

End of entry

Ain joins his two companions in the tunnel. The sentient
program watches as Midriff passes a piece of sheet metal through her belly
bump. As the metal goes through the intangible bulge he realizes that a portion
of the metal no longer exists.

"This is the last piece to get welded in here. Thanks for
shaping it babe.” “Any time hon.” Ain assists his best friend in placing the
last piece of metal and welding it. “I think that does it for the day Ain,”
states Spencer wiping his extra-large forehead.

"Very well Spencer, I shall return to the Belly Brigade
headquarters. Tomorrow then?” “Yeah buddy, see you tomorrow.” Ain drifts back
to his docking station as Spencer sets out to find Debra.

Spencer enters one of the new chambers that will be one of
the living quarters on the Skydat station. He is greeted by a scantly clad
Debra lying on her side lit by candlelight. “Hey babe, I figured you could use
a little relaxation after working all day.” Midriff gracefully moves her hand
onto her hip pulling the side of her baby doll top with it exposing her swollen
namesake. A huge smile crosses Spencer’s face as he closes the door.

Ending Transmission
Belly Brigade Special #4

Belly Bumps and Bruises (Part II)
Starring: The Ladies of the UWWL

The pair of Slammestra and Neon Ninja has just acknowledged
the confirmation that two of the wayward possessed wrestlers have been
apprehended. “Which way now Ninja?” asks Tamaya Studdleman, the overly
developed leg muscled wrester. Her partner Mitsuki places the compass sapphire
in the palm of her hand. “That way.” points the colorfully dressed ninja.

The area is a flood of red and blue flashes when the two
turn down the block. Standing in the midst of the street is the silhouette of
Grappla with her arms elongated. The pair of wrestlers approaches the scene and
sees the look of pure evil joy over the face of the possessed wrestler. The
police yell out an order for Grappla to lie on the ground or they will open
fire. The elastic woman replies by sending a fist flying into the face of the
officer issuing the order.

The police open fire on the stretchable wrestler. The police
stop firing after a few furious minutes and wait for the smoke to clear. The
officers are surprised to see the big bellied woman standing with a mischievous
smile on her face. A closer inspection of the woman reveals many dimpled areas
on her malleable body, mostly in her big round belly. The possessed woman lets
out a short sinister laugh and flexes her muscles.

The police duck down as their bullets are thrown back at
them. “You can not stop me with those feeble weapons!” yells Grappla. “Well
maybe we can,” calls out Slammestra as she lands in front of her teammate. The
ground shakes at Tamaya’s landing.

Erica thrusts out her belly orb with great force.
Slammestra, ready this time for the attack, spins and connects with the
cannonball like belly attack with a super powerful side kick. The blow not only
knocks the attack to the side, it also spins the possessed woman off balance.
Neon Ninja seems to appear out of nowhere and takes Grappla’s legs out form
under her. Grappla is carried off by the momentum of the attack.

The big bellied woman hits a side of a building and bounces
off it. Grappla quickly gains her feet and smiles at her opponents. The
possessed wrester stretches out her arm and wraps it around a street light.
Before the two can react, Erica grabs onto a motorcycle and slingshots it at
the girls. Slammestra simply jumps over the flying bike while Neon Ninja seems
to vanish in a cloud of dark smoke.

Tamaya lands with a ground shaking hit, she then springs up
and spins towards the possessed wrestler. “Booty call!” yells Slammestra smashing
her huge backside into her rubbery opponent. The blow catches Grappla and
crushes her into the wall once again. Slammestra rolls off the wall. The
flattened Grappla slowly peals off the wall, her belly rounding out first.

Neon Ninja appears under the big bellied woman as she floats
towards the ground. Mitsuki’s right hand begins to glow as she lances out to
strike Erica in the center of belly bump. The strike is so fierce and
controlled it sends ripples through Grappla’s entire body like a stone landing
in a pond. Grappla is stunned by the blow. The two women capitalize on this and
quickly tie the ribbons around Erica’s hands and throat. Grappla comes to as
Mitsuki contacts the others.

"We have secured Grappla.” “That’s great news, that only
leaves Virtue loose,” replies Hope. The girls decide to meet up and combine
their forces to bring in their last teammate. “The Sensei has contacted the
mystic that will free our teammates. We just need to meet with them at the
piers.” “Right after we catch Virtue, then we can be done with this demon
business,” says Barbaria helping the captured girls along.

The nightclub strip is usually an area of noises of fun and
festivities. At the moment however it is chaos and confusion. Many of the
people out on the street are having trouble finding any type of footing to
stand on. Some even find themselves sprawled in the road and if they happen to
be in the path of a woman in a plaid skirt and white blouse missing buttons
that bare a big round belly, nothing but trouble befalls them. Virtue lets out
a laugh full of malice as she kicks her latest victim down the street. The
helpless man slides along the road on the frictionless field generated by the
possessed wrester and bounces off objects like a runaway pinball.

"There she is,” says Emiko as the wresters of the UWWL
finally catch up to the possessed woman. “You may have gathered up my other
parts but you will never stop me!’ yells Mia. Kaiju Girl, in her reptile form
and Bubbles charge at the big bellied wrester only to feel Virtue’s
frictionless field appear under their feet. Josephine quickly sends all her
fluids to her belly as she flops to the ground. Bubbles rolls to her back as
the tall reptile woman comes crashing on top of her.

Barbaria charges from behind and takes advantage of the
field to collide into the young woman. Barbara wraps Mia in a bear hug, trying
desperately to hold on to Virtue. At the same moment Hope turns her eyes on the
possessed woman. Virtue lets out a scream of pain as the blinding light strikes
her face. Neon Ninja and Slammestra jump in and quickly get the ribbons secured
on the big bellied woman.

"Great work, we got ‘em all!” shouts Barbaria. “Yes, now we
just need to get to the pier and rid our friends of their unwanted burdens,”
says Mitsuki. The wrestlers help their bound friends into the panel truck that
the team borrowed from the stadium. “Hang in there Colleen, it’s almost over,”
says Barbara hugging her sister.

The truck makes it to the end of the pier and the girls work
their way onto a small stretch of beach. “There is the Sensei,” says Emiko
pointing to a small group of people standing by a small boat pulled up on
shore. “It pleases me that you girls have been able to capture the splintered
demon without any lose of life.” “Sensei are these the ones who will rid the
world of this evil?” questions Neon Ninja. “Yes Mitsuki. Please let me
introduce you to the sacred carrier of Mystic Island as well as my honored
relative, Yukio Hornacku and her guardian Draco Hiata.

>A tall young man steps into the light. The girls’ collective
gaze slowly drifts to the dragon claws that are on the ends of the man’s arms.
Hiata gestures and the petite young woman steps forward. A young girl dressed
in a bikini top and flowing skirt. This outfit leaves Yukio’s big bulging belly
bare to the world. “Hiya girls love ya on TV.” “Uh, thanks, I guess?” says
Slammestra a little confused. “Now lets get rid of this pesky demon,” states
Yukio rubbing her hands together.

The Sensei finishes drawing a large ring in the sand lined
with archaic symbols. “Okay, now we need to get the girls in position,” says
the big bellied mystic. The wrestlers place the possessed women in the center
of the circle. The four are turned to face each other. This causes their belly
bulges to touch each others. “Now Hiata,” commands Yukio.

The young man whirls his arms and twin jets of fire project
from his dragon claws. The flames hit the sand and sets the ring surrounding
the possessed on fire. The four girls in unison throw their head back as their
eyes take on an unholy glow. The girls let out a collective yell as beams of
energy shoot from the mouths of the big bellied wrestlers. The rest look on in
awe as the outline of a dog face demon of a blood red energy takes shape above
the flaming circle.

The demon reaches and swipes a giant hand at the big bellied
mystic. Hiata jumps to his love’s protection and blasts the demon with twin
streams of fire. Yukio makes a few martial arts gestures then thrusts out her
big round belly. A glow comes from the young woman’s protruding belly as a
giant light blue energy outline of a dragon projects from it. A look of fear
seems to come over the demon’s face as the energy dragon throws its head back
and lets out a roar.

Yukio places her hands on her swollen middle forming a heart
shape around the energy tether connecting the dragon to her. The dragon lunges
at the demon who tries to grapple with the coming attack. The demon lands a
blow to the dragon’s head only to receive its own brain rattling hit. The energy
dragon finally surrounds the demon and constricts the evil entity. A blinding
flash of light blankets the area.

The brightness dims and the girls see the dragon return to
the young woman’s distended belly. Hiata caresses Yukio’s belly bulge tenderly.
Barbara and the others run over to their four teammates who are sprawled in the
sand. “Colleen, Colleen honey are you okay?” “Yeah Barb, I’m great. In fact,
I’m feeling more myself,” says the World Champion as she runs her unbound hand
down her now flat abdomen.

The girls each give a hug of thanks to Hiata and Yukio. “I
have done all I can for you girls. Now you are able to face your destiny on
your own.” “What are you going to do now Sensie?” asks Mitsuki. “I think it’s
time to catch up with family,” says Sensei placing an arm around Hiata’s and
Yukio’s shoulders.

The wrestlers watch as the three mystical fighters board the
small boat and sail away into a mysterious fog that appeared suddenly. “This
has got to be one of the wildest wrestling events I have ever had,” states
Sister Mercy as she runs a hand down her belly checking to make sure it isn’t
sticking out. “Well the only question I have for our newest wrestlers is,” says
Barbaria, “Who is tough enough to be a Rebel Rouser?” the girls bust out in laughter
as they head back to the stadium.

The End
Belly Brigade Special #3

Belly Bumps and Bruises (Part I)
Starring: The Ladies of the UWWL

The lovely ladies of the UWWL have just defeated a very
unusual opponent. The girls are in Japan and had a confrontation with a
demonically powered wrestler who called herself Sumo Su. With the help of some
local meta-wresters, Neon Ninja, who name is Mitsuki and Emiko Santo, the
shapeshifting Kaiju Girl, the team was able to beat the woman and freed her of
the possession with mixed results. “I didn’t exorcize the demon properly.
Instead I half performed a transference ritual. Right now each of you carries a
quarter of the demon inside you,” exclaims Neon Ninja.

The rest of the team stare at Virtue, Sister Mercy and
Chastity of the Girl School faction of the wrestling league and the only Rebel
Rouser affected, Grappla, in awe at the change the four have just gone through.
Each of the four now sport a belly bulge that has their costumes pulled
extremely tight. “Don’t worry, we’ll get this taken care of,” informs Barbaria.
“Right Ninja?” “Yes, I’ll consult my Sensei as soon as he gains consciousness.”

Barbara steps up to her sister with concern in her eyes.
Barbaria helps Chastity to cradle her round belly. Chastity’s eyes take on a
glow as if they are backlit. Colleen arches her back which causes all the
straining buttons save the top two to explode off her stretched blouse. Colleen
lets out a sigh as her protruding belly is now bared. “You and your ancient
teacher will not contain me!” yells Chastity in an echoey rough sounding voice.

Colleen quickly grabs her sister by her arm and tosses her
over her shoulder. The team scrambles for a fight as the four big bellied woman
fall into two lines. “You have given me four powerful vessels now to reside in
Neon Ninja. I thank you for that. Now stand aside,” says the four women in
unison. “You are not leaving here!” declares Slammestra as she plants her feet
in front of the possessed group.

Grappla who is first in the right hand line, laughs and
thrusts out her bulging belly. Slammestra is surprised as the round belly
stretches from the woman at great speed. The bump takes on the shape of a huge
fist. Tamaya is hit with great force by the fist shaped belly and sent flying
into the wall. Kaiju Girl starts to transform into her reptile form as bolts of
lightning spark around the big belly of Sister Mercy. Before Emiko can complete
the change a large lightning bolt jets from the sparking belly orb and blasts
the wrestler unconscious.

"The likes of you will not stand in my way,” states the
possessed women as Virtue steps to the front. The big bellied Girl
School member arches her back sending buttons flying from her blouse. Mia’s
big round belly shimmers like a heat mirage and Virtue gestures with a sweeping
hand.  The women wrestlers suddenly find that they can no longer find any
traction and slide into walls. The team watch with helpless frustration as
their four big bellied teammates glide from the room into the night.

Soon the frictionless field fades and the women find their
feet. Neon Ninja tends to her Sensei as the rest charge towards the door.
“Wait!” “Out of the way lizard, my sister is out their serving as the living
carrier of that damn demon. No one is going to stop me from getting her!”
exclaims Barbaria. “Listen to Emiko, Barbara, we have some tools that will help
in capturing the possessed,” says Mitsuki helping her Sensei to his feet.

Barbara is able to contain her frustration, barely, as
information is put together on the situation. “I am very sorry for my mistake
that created this situation. But Sensei knows of a way to rectify this and
purge the demon from our realm. He is going to consult and seek assistance.
These will help them to resist the demon’s influence, we just need to bind them
with these.” Neon Ninja holds up a bunch of two inch wide red ribbons. The
ribbons have archaic symbols in gold running down the center. “Are those the
crimson bands?” “Yes Emiko, they are and we just need to get them around the
girls’ necks and wrists to subdue them.” “Well what are we waiting for lets get
going,” orders Barbara taking three of the ribbons and heads for the door. The
others are quick on Barbaria’s heels.

Barbara hits the streets and looks around but there are no
signs of the possessed girls. “Nowhere in sight. Now what do we do?” “”Easy
Barbaria we’ll think of something,” states Slammestra patting her friend’s
shoulder comfortingly. “I have one more item to add to our arsenal in dealing
with the demon,” informs Neon Ninja. The lady wrestler shows the team four blue
gems that are elongated on one end. “Compass Sapphires, hold it in the palm
flat out like this and it will point in the direction of the demon.” Mitsuki
demonstrates by putting a gem in her hand. The sapphire spins and locks in a

The girls break up into teams of two, each armed with a
compass sapphire and a set of ribbons. “Come on Jordon, you’re with me,” states
Barbara. “I hope we find my sister.” The remaining women pair up. Kaiju Girl
goes with Bubbles while Slammestra follows Neon Ninja. “Keep your phones on so
we can keep each other informed on our progress,” commands Tamaya.

Colleen Brushels finds herself in a seedy part of the city
oblivious to her surroundings. The demon part is taking in its surroundings
when a gang of teenage punks come out of a dark alleyway. “Hey lady, you lost?”
questions one of the punks sarcastically. Chastity turns to stare at the gang.
“Whoa, check the size of that belly.” “Do you want something Mammason? I think
I have what you need.” Says a punk cupping his crotch.

The apparent leader of the group walks up to Colleen and
runs a hand across her bare belly bump. Before the leader can say anything
Chastity snatches his hand and begins to crush it. “You are not worthy to touch
this vessel,” states Colleen in the rough, echoey voice. The leader lets out a
scream as the possessed wrester snaps his arm in half. The rest of the gang
jump to their feet drawing various weapons as their leader falls to his knees
cradling his broken arm.

Barbara and Jordon stop at an intersection and study the
enchanted stone. “Man, she sure covered a lot of ground.” “That she did Jordon
and with her looking like she is that has to be tiring.” Barbaria and Hope head
towards a dark street when they hear the sounds of a battle taking place. The
two wrestlers round the corner and both quickly dodge a flying hoodlum. Barbara
and Jordon are shocked to see the big bellied wrester land a spin kick to the
side of the last standing punk. Barbaria lets out a battle cry as the hoodlum
hits the ground out cold.

Colleen turns to greet the charging form of her sister.
Barbara lands a spear to the swollen middle of Colleen and takes her to the
ground. Chastity is able to get her legs under her opponent and launches the
super strong woman over her. Barbaria lands on her back with a heavy thump on
the concrete. Colleen springs to her feet faster then Barbara could imagine and
barely rolls out of the way of the foot that stomps into the pavement.

"I can’t believe how fast you are Colleen, especially with
that big belly sticking out,” says Barbara. Her sister responds with a growl.
Chastity lets out a scream as she is bathed in a blinding light. Hope has
focused her eye beams on the possessed wrester which seems to cause Colleen
great pain. “Sorry sis,” cries Barbaria as she lands a haymaker blow to the
side of her sister’s head.

Colleen is knocked to the ground and Hope dives on top of
her, pinning her legs. Chastity is sprawled on her stomach causing her to lie
awkwardly on her round belly. Barbara quickly bends Colleen’s right arm behind
her back and wraps the red band around her wrist. Barbara does the same to her
sister’s left securing the ribbons tight together. The two wrestlers pull the
big bellied girl to her feet. Barbara then wraps the last ribbon around
Chastity’s neck.

Colleen’s eyes seem to clear and she appears to come out of
a trance. “Where am I? Barbara is that you?” “Yeah sis, take it easy we had to
secure you for your own good.” The three women look around the alley to see the
hoodlums scattered about. “I couldn’t control myself Barbara! I felt nothing
but anger and evil inside me! Oh God, I can feel it moving around inside me!”
“Hang in there sis we are going to fix this and get that thing out of you.”
Barbara cradles her sister’s belly bulge and can feel movement under the taunt
belly flesh.

"It’s saying it’s this way,” states the ex-showgirl Bubbles
pointing off towards a park area. The overly endowed wrester is perched on the
shoulder of Kaiju Girl in her reptoid form. “I wonder who we drew to catch Jo?”
says Emiko Santo in her gravelly voice. The two witness flashes of lighting
coming from behind a tree line. “My guess would be Sister Mercy.” Jo grabs on
tight as Kaiju Girl charges into the park.

"Flee mortals! This vessel that carries a piece of my
essence is beyond your lives!” commands Gail as huge bolts of lighting arches
from her distended belly. The possessed wrester is startled by the arrival of
Kaiju Girl and Bubbles. “You caught me before I could change last time. Not so
lucky this time!” calls out Emiko. Sister Mercy lets out a growl and throws her
shoulders back and arches her back. A burst of electricity shoots from Gail’s
thrust out belly bump aimed at Kaiju Girl.

Jo vaults off the reptile woman who takes the blast with
little effect. Bubbles sends all her extra fluids to her feet which grow in
size and density. She crashes her huge feet into the shoulders of Sister Mercy
knocking her to the ground. “How dare you attack me, you mangy human!” yells
Gail as she climbs to her feet. “Belly bump!” cries Bubbles as she sends her
fluids to fill her belly. Jo thrusts out her firm rounded belly into the face
of the wrester sending Gail staggering back.

Before the possessed woman can right herself the tail of
Emiko’s comes sweeping in to send her opponent splashing into a nearby pond.
The big bellied Gail stands and lets out a yell of frustration and arches her
back once again. Unfortunately the electricity dancing off her big round belly
feeds back through the water and shocks Sister Mercy unconscious. Bubbles pulls
out the ribbons as Emiko fishes out the unmoving form of Gail.

“Bubbles to team. Have caught Sister Mercy. Two down. Two
to go,” says Jo as she snaps her phone close. The two girls quickly bind Gail’s
hands and wraps a ribbon around the big bellied woman’s neck. Kaiju Girl picks
up the unconscious wrester and the two head back to rendezvous with the rest of
the group.

Not The End
Belly Brigade Special #2

Demon in the Ring
Starring: The Ladies of the UWWL

The Tokyodome erupts with cheers from the sold out event.
The packed house is rooting for their favorite wrestlers as the matches come
and go. The Lovely Ladies of the Unlimited World Wrestling League are guest to
their Japanese equivalent. The final match is underway which hosts Barberia and
her sister and reigning world champion Chastity. Both women are truly sisters
and share the genetic enhancement of superior strength and stamina. Barberia is
a member of the Rebel Rousers and rivals to Girl School, who Chastity is a
member of.

The two are squared off against the local tag team champs of
Neon Ninja and Kaiju Girl. The crowd goes wild as Neo Ninja, dressed in a
bright green unitard and ninja hood, complimented by bright orange boots and
gloves, has just landed a clothesline off the ropes to Barbaria, knocking the
Rebel Rouser off her feet. Neon Ninja is able to concentrate her life force or
chi for boosting various abilities like speed or strength. Barbaria back rolls
with the hit and counters by landing a reverse elbow into her opponent’s back.
“Sorry if that hurt Ninja, I jumped a little harder then I wanted to.” “Your
fine Barbara, we wouldn’t do this if we couldn’t take a little bump every now
and then,” kids Neon Ninja as the two wrestlers check each others safety.

Neon Ninja feigns being hurt and arches her back as in pain.
Barbaria moves behind the petite woman and acts as if she is chocking Ninja
with the top rope. Kaiju Girl tries to get the referee’s attention who is
yelling at Chastity. Kaiju Girl, who is dressed in blue and white striped
spandex crop top and shorts, complete with black boots, charges into the ring.
Kaiju girl mutates into her monster form which is a ten foot reptile humanoid
with a body covered in greenish gray scales, a head that looks like a snub
nosed alligator and a tail to match.

Kaiju Girl whips her tail and sends Barbaria into a corner
of the ring. Chastity springs off the top rope and lands a kick to the nose of
the monster. The crowd is stunned to silence as the lights go out in the stadium.
A spot light comes on any illuminates the top of the ring ramp to reveal a
large figure. “I don’t remember and of this in practice, was there a change in
the script that I missed?” asks Colleen Brushels, Chastity’s real name. “No,
this is totally improvised in.” states Kaiju Girl in a gravelly voice due to
her monster form.

A tall muscularly built woman steps into the light. The
woman stands over six feet tall and sports a bun of straight black hair on top
of her head. The most distinguishing feature of the woman is her huge round
belly that is firm making her look more pregnant than fat. On the woman’s big
round belly are markings that look to be done in make-up. The markings are in a
pattern of a face with a mouth filled with pointy fangs. The woman wears the
bottoms of a traditional Sumo wrester and a single strapped top that wraps
around her neck and runs down under her ample chest. A single strap wraps around
her back. Her whole costume is white in color. “I have bested all in the
traditional form of wrestling. Now it’s time to show the world what I can do!”
states the big bellied woman. “It can’t be, can it Ninja?” “Can’t be who
Kaiju?” questions Barbara Brushels. “That is Sumo Su Barbara and she’s

The huge woman charges down the ramp to the cheers of the
crowd. Sumo Su leaps from the floor and lands causing the ring to quake. “So
this is a real fight, not some free style improv Barb?” “Yeah, Colleen this is
the real deal,” informs Neon Ninja. Barbaria drops to a three point stance and
launches herself at the big woman. Barbaria lands a spear into the big round
belly of Sumo Su. The Rebel Rouser bounces off the belly bulge and lands square
on her butt on the opposite side of the ring.

Sumo Su places her hands on her hips and laughs. The cartoon
face on her belly bump mimics the facial expression of laughter. “Did you see
that?” says Grappla pointing at Su. “I’m not sure what I saw,” comments Virtue
stunned by the moving face on the big round belly. Su springs off the ropes and
grabs Virtue up in a tight bear hug. The Girl School member is baffled by the
muffled sound of growling which seems to be coming from her opponent’s belly
bulge. Sumo Su tightens her grip only to have the mutant girl’s frictionless
field to intensify. Mia Saunder goes shooting up out of Sumo Su’s grasp like a
champagne cork.

Grappla coils up her flexible legs into springs and launches
herself skyward. The Rebel Rouser stretches out her elongated arms and wraps up
the mutant girl. “I got you Mia, go limp,” orders Erica Cerra as she reels in
her friend. Slammestra has just climbed to the top turnbuckle across from the
huge woman. “Booty call!” yells the woman with the extremely oversized backside
and leg muscles as she jumps off the ring corner. Tamaya Studdleman spins and
smashes her ample backside into the chest of Sumo Su. The blow staggers the big

Chastity capitalizes and chop-blocks Su from behind taking
the woman’s legs out from underneath her. The ring shakes at the thunderous
crash of the huge bellied woman. The crowd erupts in cheer at this. The
ex-showgirl Bubbles climbs up to the top rope. Able to concentrate the excess
bodily fluids that float around in her body, Josephine LaRoe swells her belly
full, making her look due any minute. Bubbles flips off backwards from the top
rope. “Full-moon saw!” yells out Josephine as she smashes her round fluid belly
into the head of Su.

The demon face on Su’s big belly now looks angry as Sumo Su
throws Bubbles off her. Hope steps up into the ring and fixes her eyes on the
woman Sumo wrestler. Jordon Richardson concentrates and a bright flash of light
projects from her eyes. Sumo Su clutches at her eyes and screams in pain. A
muffled howl seems to emit from the woman’s huge protruding belly. A cloud of
sulfurous gas bursts from around Sumo Su’s feet and quickly engulfs the large

As the smoke clears Sumo Su is nowhere to be seen. The
wrestlers quickly take a bow and run to the dressing room. The crowd goes wild
at what they feel was the greatest finale of any wrestling event to date. The
girls gather around the two Japanese wrestlers. “Okay Ninja, what’s the deal
with this Sumo Su? I’ve never hit anything as hard as her, and I’ve sparred
with Belly Girl,” comments Barbaria rubbing her shoulder. “I will tell you all
that has been given to me by my Sensei.” The wrestlers settle in on benches and
chairs as Neon Ninja starts her story.

"The story of Sumo Su goes back to a Sumo Master who had no
heir to share his teachings with. He had one daughter who wished to be a
master, but was not allowed to learn the art.” Neon Ninja continues on how this
daughter was stripped of name and all possessions by a rival master who looked to
expand his own school or stable as they are known. This nameless woman used
dark arts to contact and make a deal with a lesser demon to seek revenge for
all the wrongs she felt were done to her. “According to my Sensei, Su is this
woman and now serves as the living vessel of this demon.” “I guess that
explains that monster cartoon face on her belly moving.” “That and the growling
that seems to come from there Barb,” adds Colleen.

"Let me get this straight. You mean to tell me that Sumo Su
is actually carrying a demon in her?” “Yes Tamaya. In fact my Sensei has a
ceremonial chamber set up to extract the demon from her.” “Yes, Neon Ninja and I
have been secretly trying to lure Sumo Su out so we can get her to the Sensei,”
states Kaiju Girl.

The girls clean up and head out for a night of demon
hunting. The conversation seems to always lead back to Sumo Su’s history. The
girls cross the street and hear the screeching of brakes and cars colliding
into each other. The ground shakes as Sumo Su lands in the center of the
intersection. “Well say the devil’s name and there she appears,” comments
Sister Mercy. Sumo Su lets out and echoic sounding roar.

The girls break into action. They scatter into teams as Sumo
Su picks up a parked car and hurls it at the group. Kaiju Girl transforms into
her reptile form and charges the large woman. Sister Mercy finds a piece of
metal from the car wreck. Gail Christopher jukes around the battling women to
use her ability to generate a bio-electric charge and uses the metal to conduct
the charge into Sumo Su. The big bellied woman is stunned by the electrical
current passing through her.

Kaiju Girl takes advantage of the attack and swings her
massive tail into the big round belly of Sumo Su knocking the woman across the
street. Before the big woman can land the sister team of Colleen and Barbara
synchronize an uppercut to the jaw of Sumo Su. This sends the woman skyward.
Sumo Su crashes into the street and is knocked cold. “We must get her to the
site my Sensei has prepared!” orders Neon Ninja. Kaiju Girl scoops up the large
woman and the team takes off following the ninja.

The girls make to the site in record time. All the woman
take turns in helping to keep Sumo Su out. An ancient looking man in a shiny
green and orange robe ushers the team inside. The large wood covered room is
bare of all furniture save for a small table holding a book. Four large candle
holders are set in each corner that provides the light in the room. On the
floor are four large circles painted on the floor. The Sensei says something in
Japanese. “My Sensei says he needs four volunteers to serve as Life Batteries
for the ritual,” relays Neon Ninja. With little hesitation Grappla, Sister
Mercy, Barbaria, and Virtue each take up a circle.

The old mater begins to read from the old book as Sumo Su is
placed on the floor centered in the space between the circles. As the chanting
Sensei begins pacing around the room the demon face on Su’s big belly twitches
and the large woman springs to her feet. Before anyone can react the big
bellied woman dives at Barbaria and tackles the wrestler. The two collide into
the Sensei knocking him out.

"Quickly someone fill the circle!” commands Neon Ninja as
she rushes to her fallen master. The young woman grabs up the book as she checks
her master’s status. At the same moment Colleen fills the open circle. Barbara
is able to catch Su in a full nelson hold and wraps up her legs in a grapevine
leg lock. Barbaria arches her back and drops Su to her knees. “Hope, blast her
one. Your power really seem to hurt her."

The Girl School member flashes her eyes directly at the big
woman. Sumo Su lets out a cry of pain as she struggles to escape, Barbara holds
tight. Neon Ninja continues to read from the book when the belly face takes on
a look of fear and pain. Su’s big round belly spasms as if something is trying
to move away. Sumo Su throws her head back as her bulging belly begins to glow.
The four circles start to glow as if being lit from the floor. Neon Ninja yells
out the last of the spell. Beams of bright energy lance out from Su’s belly
bump and the room is consumed in a bright flash of light.

Sight returns to the girls in the room. Barbara releases the
petite frail woman that was once the huge Sumo Su and lays her unconscious form
on the floor. “Oh no.” “What’s the matter Ninja?” “I grabbed up the spell book
on the wrong page. I finished the wrong spell, Barb.” The four woman in the
circles gain their feet shocked by the changes to their bodies. Each woman now
sports a round protruding belly that makes them look like they are entering the
third trimester. “Wha…what happened Barb?” asks Colleen as she caresses her new
belly bulge. “I didn’t exorcize the demon but finished a transference spell.
Right now each of you carry a quarter of the demon inside you,” says Neon Ninja
to the stunned looking women.

The Be Continued


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