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Belly Brigade Special #5

One Missed Period

Starring: The Belly Back-up Brigade

Karee Michaels is working late at her part-time job at the
local pharmacy stocking the home pregnancy tests. The very plain looking high
school sophomore is placing the last box when the light fixture above snaps
loose and crashes down. Karee is showered in sparks and chemicals as the
display shelves are crushed. The young girl is drenched in the test fluids and
receives a mild shock when the power cable swings through the puddle she is
standing in.

The on-duty pharmacist runs over to check on the girl. “Are
you okay Karee, what happened?” “I’m fine, very wet and blue but okay. The
light fell and hit the shelf.” The pharmacist tells Karee to go in back to
clean up and rest while he took care of the mess. Karee feels a little
lightheaded and takes a seat after changing out of her wet top. “Are you sure
you weren’t hurt?” “Yes Sam, I’m good, just a little rattled.” “Okay, head home
when you feel up to it.” “Thanks Sam.” Karee heads home when her head clears.

The next day Karee gets up and dresses for school. The girl
has trouble for some reason finding something that fits. “Why are none of my
bras fitting, they all seem tight,” says the girl to herself. She finally
settles on a spandex sports bra that had enough stretch to be comfortable. Next
came her pants. “I need to go on a diet or start working out, this is
ridiculous.” Karee locates a skirt that has an elastic waist that fits over her
bloated belly.

Through the morning Karee suffers from a queasy stomach and
bouts of lightheadedness. At one point she feels fuzzy, stumbles and grabs the
arm of the head cheerleader Bethany. A strange tingle passes between them. “Eew,
get off me freak!” “Sorry,” mumbles Karee. In between classes Karee enters the
washroom and sits on one of the toilets resting her head on the cool metal
divider. The girl hears moaning as someone shambles into the neighboring stall.
Karee hears someone retching and emptying the contents of their stomach orally.

Karee sees Bethany shuffle over to the sink and splash water
on her face. Bethany leans over the sink and suddenly feels the cool porcelain
against her belly.  Her cheer uniform feels awfully tight to Bethany. “Oh God!”
Bethany straightens up and looks down at herself and sees a big round belly
poking out from her top. “Oh this is not built for these,” cries Bethany
as she massages her growing chest. Karee is shocked at the scene before her.

Karee wonders if she was affected by her accident and might
have caused what happened to Bethany. Karee runs an experiment and deliberately
seeks out a girl that has bullied her and stumbles into her. Karee feels the
same tingle as the bully shoves her away into a locker. Karee then meets a
fellow honor student and runs her hand along the girl’s arm and felt the
familiar tingle. She also touches some guys with no tingle, just strange looks.

Final period finds Kate Crossworth, the super heroine who
goes by the name Popstarr, running errands for the school office. Popstarrr is
a member of the fledgling super group the Belly Back-up Brigade who are huge
fans of the famed Belly Brigade. Kate takes a package to the nurse and comes
across a curious sight. Three girls, one in a cheerleading outfit, are sitting
along the wall. All are looking down with concern and sadness at their big
round bellies.

Karee makes her way pass the Nurse’s office and peeks around
the corner to see the three girls she touched all looking ready to deliver at
any moment. The plain looking girl is stunned at the realization that she has a
meta-power. Karee runs home with thoughts of vengeance on all the women who
have picked on her. Karee goes through her entire wardrobe to come up with a
costume to wear.

That night Karee has assembled her new costume and thinks of
a name. The costume consists of a form fitting cat-suit costume she never had
the courage to wear at Halloween. She has located the pink pointed mask that
resembles cat eye glasses to hide her identity and pink fingerless mesh gloves.
Her pair of pink high-tops and a bright pink scarf that she wears as a sash
around her waist completes the outfit.

As Karee models her costume in the mirror she thinks back to
the moment in the washroom with Bethany. “What’s the worst part of a
pregnancy?” thinks the costumed girl out loud. “That’s it! Look out world or
you will suffer the touch of Miss Morning Sickness!” Karee lets out a laugh as
she stares at the mirror. She decides to add a pink emblem to her costume. The
emblem is made of pink material and is angled to resemble the outline of the
letter ‘M’ with the letter “S” cut out of the center. The emblem is stitched
over her left breast.

The next day Karee goes to school dressed in costume. She
checks her list and seeks out her targets which consist mostly of the popular
girls and the cheer squad. By third period many girls were missing from class.

Karee strolls into History class looking very smug. “Ms
Michaels I don’t believe that your outfit is acceptable school attire. Please
go to the office so you may go home and change.” “No Ms Peirson I think you
should go home and change!” Karee grabs the teacher’s wrist and enjoys the
tingle. Minutes later Ms Peirson bolts from the class clutching her stomach and
a hand clamped over her mouth.

Later that night the Belly Back-ups meet at their
headquarters for their weekly internet postings and team meeting. “The
strangest thing happened at the hospital today,” says team leader and college
freshman Tammi Chekjac the super strong Expandra. “There is a rash of rapid hysterical
pregnancies.” “Are many of these teenagers?” asks Kate. “Yeah, a few older
women but mostly high-schoolers.” Kate fills in what she thinks might be
causing the hysterical pregnancies. “The students said she is calling herself
Miss Morning Sickness. I think Karee Michaels is somehow infecting the girls.”

The team decides to break up into teams and search out Miss
Morning Sickness and put a stop to her reign of terror. Expandra and Popstarr
head east towards the high school. Engorgia and Belly Roll take off to the
hospital north of their base. The two make frequent pit stops to feed Kelly’s
hunger. Golden Glutes and her super speed agree to patrol the rest of the town.

Kelly and Sooya enter the hospital to check if any more
women have been admitted with rapid pregnancy symptoms. “Oh no, we have two
more here!” calls out a nurse. Kelly and Sooya look around and then down at
each others protruding bellies. “Oh no, no we’re not suffering for the preggy
epidemic. This is part of our super powers,” says Engorgia rubbing her big
round belly.

After some convincing that they are actual meta-humans and
not victims Engorgia and Belly Roll are able to get information on where most
of the patients came from. Sooya radios the rest of the team and relays the information.
“Great work Sooya. At least we can narrow our search. Rhonda please head over
to our location,” requests Expandra. Sooya and Kelly reply and head out.

Rhonda catches up to Tammi and Kate as the meet up in the
parking lot of a fast food place. The girls hear a cry and see a young woman
come stumbling out of the restaurant cradling a belly bump. “Golden Glutes get
her to the hospital,” orders Expandra, Rhonda scoops the big bellied teen up
and sprints off. Seconds later Miss Morning Sickness strolls out with a large
shake in hand.

Karee comes to a halt staring at the two costumed girls
standing in front of her. “So you are the one causing all this trouble. Time to
put a stop to it,” states Tammi as she pushes out her belly. “I don’t think so.
Even if you can stick your belly out, I’m going to make it bigger!”

Before Kate can gulp in some air, the shake hits her in the
face and Karee dives at the blinded heroine. Kate feels her wrists being
grabbed as the tingle of Karee’s hands emanates through Popstarr. Kate feels a
huge wave of nausea come over her and double overs. Kate drops to her knees
clutching her stomach.

Expandra sees the ground shift and a rolling wave through the
asphalt takes the villainess off her feet. “Careful, she needs to touch you to
use hr power,” informs Expandra to her teammates. Miss Morning Sickness rolls
with the wave and she glimpses a big bellied girl dressed as a belly-dancer
causing her belly to gyrate with the ground.

Karee comes to a stop up against a fence. “Who are you?”
“We’re the Belly Back-up Brigade and your downfall,” answers Tammi. Miss
Morning Sickness is distracted by a growing shadow forming around her. Karee
looks up and sees the big bellied form of Engorgia coming out of the sky. Kelly
crashes into the ground causing a crater around her feet. Karee is sent flying
into the air. Before Miss Morning Sickness can hit the ground, she is met by
the distended belly of Expandra. Tammi thrusts out her super strong belly bulge
and knocks the girl across the lot.

Karee’s skid is stopped by a blanket that is wrapped around
her tight at super speed. “Great job girls, that’s our second super villain
caught by us.” “I guess we should get over to the police Expandra,” says Golden
Glutes as she finishes tying up the villainess. “Yeah, and maybe me to the
hospital to get this taken care of.”

The girls turn to see Popstarr cradling her huge belly bump.
“You’ll be fine soon Kate, the rest of the girls reverted back to normal after
a few hours,” says Rhonda. “Well, in that case let’s get back to the base so I
can get some pictures of this belly and post them. But first I have a craving
for a pickle and pineapple pizza.” Popstarr stares off caressing her bulging
belly. the girl break into laughter and head for their base.

The End
The Bellyworks Database

The Bellyworks Database
(Who’s who & what’s what in the Bellyverse)

Entry: 009

"I can’t believe this place,” says Christen Cantz, the
Renegade Force member known as Air Bag, “How long have you’ve been working on
this?” “For a while now Chris,” replies Spencer Davasinski, the technopathic
wizard Tech-head. “Yeah, it started out as a sort of hobby for the boys,” says
Debra Huxton, the protruding bellied powerhouse Midriff hugging Spencer form

The three explore the Skydat station and Spencer explains
how it all started. “So you guys were just setting up a secure computer network
for our teams?” “Yep, until Dr Holstrom found us out and decided to expand it
into a full fledge station,” comments Spencer to Christen. “I really would like
to check out the database. You guys have an entry on me?” questions Christen.
The couple laughs.

As the three head back to the computer center the station is
rocked. A stray meteor collides into the access corridor the three are in,
tearing a huge hole in the side. On instinct Air Bag jumps in front of her
teammates and inflates her belly to its maximum, sealing the tube. “You saved
us Chris!” exclaims Debra. “You sure did, but that shouldn’t happen. I’ll have
to check the deflector field after we patch the hole,” says Spencer.

Spencer quickly dons his exo-suit and in no time has the
hole patched. Air Bag deflates her belly and follows Midriff to the computer
room. “Why don’t you two check out the database while I go see about the
deflector field.” “Sounds good Spence,” says Debra kissing her boyfriend’s
cheek. Spencer gives his girl a quick hug and belly rub. Chris accesses the
computer to find the most recent file.

Database entry: Belly Brigade (file: 008/Thunderbelly)

Name: Thunderbelly

Real Name: Colleen Webler

Height: 5’ 6”                Weight: 130lbs

Eyes: Blue no visible pupil  Hair: Black
    (Original: Blue)

Origin: Colleen Webler was a child prodigy who
graduated from high school at the age of fourteen. Colleen then went on to
become the head of her college class specializing in energy generation.
Graduating with high honors and distinction she was sought out by many
laboratories and research companies, some with lucrative government contracts.
Colleen accepted a position with Cutting Edge Technologies, and was fast
tracked into research into micro generation.

Colleen’s research led to the invention of nano-generators,
a group of micro robots that worked in unison to generate electricity. The lab
assistants nicknamed the project electric liquid, for the compound appeared in
a loose state like a liquid. The research caught the attention of many
corporations, some with ruthless intent. An industrial spy was dispatched to
retrieve the research and the working prototype.

Unfortunately Dr Webler was working late that particular
night. The young scientist tried to escape the spy with the prototype. This
move led to a horrible accident in which Colleen went through a window to a two
story fall. Colleen landed on the nanites and the prototype entered her body.
The micro robots repaired the scientist’s body.

The bonding of the nanites with Colleen was unstable and
caused massive electrical build ups in the young woman. Balloon Girl (see file:
Belly Brigade002/Balloon Girl) witnessed the commotion caused by the fleeing
doctor from the spy and intervened. After subduing the spy and surviving a
discharge of energy from Colleen, Balloon Girl contacted Dr Holstrom (see file:
Belly Brigade009/Support) for help.

Before help could be brought to Colleen Webler, the young
woman transformed into a pure electrical field. Unbeknownst to the two
Colleen’s essence was absorbed by Dr Holstrom’s data analyzer. The device was
brought back to the Belly Brigade’s (see file: Belly Brigade Primary00)
headquarters where Colleen’s electrical essence played havoc with the base’s
electrical systems. Colleen was finally able to make contact with the team.
With some quick thinking and creating a containment system with the help of the
girls, Dr Holstrom was able to make Dr Webler corporeal once again.

Colleen was never the same for she is now a living
generator. Through help with the team the young scientist has learned to
control her abilities. Colleen now embraces her new life as a meta-human and
has taken the name Thunderbelly. The Belly Brigade has taken to their newest
teammate and friend.

Abilities: Colleen Webler was transformed into a pure
electromagnetic field when she was exposed internally to a group of prototype
micro-generators. Through the use of a cohesion chamber, Colleen was able to
regain her physical body. Her physical body is a living shell for her energy

Colleen now has the ability to generate and control a wide
spectrum of the electromagnetic field. Her favorite use of her ability is to
project bolts of electricity from her body. She is capable of flight by
manipulating the planet’s natural magnetic field. New to her power Colleen is
still exploring the many and various uses of her metahuman abilities.
Thunderbelly has even been able to affect a computer program through her energy

End of entry

Chris and Debra check out many of the other entries to the
database including their own. “Hey Spencer’s entry on me is complementary,”
states Christen. Spencer enters the chamber. “Hey babe, Ain sent a new file on
Thunderbelly.” “Cool, would you girls mind editing my latest file?” “Not at
all,” says Debra as Spencer downloads the file.

Database entry: Renegade Force (file: 008/By-pass)

Name:</b> By-pass

Real Name: Randy Nuemier

Height: 5’ 5”           Weight: 135lbs

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Black

Origin: Randy Nuemier was born into a Blue Collar
middle class family. Not a rich family but not in need of help. Randy became
bored with the suburban lifestyle. In his early teens Randy was running with
the wrong crowd and getting into trouble, mostly fighting. Randy was small for
his age and compensated by acting at the toughest of the gang.

During one of his scuffles, Randy took on a bit too much
when it became a three on one battle for him. Randy was held by two of his
opponents while the third taunted him as he prepared to beat Randy. Fear set in
on the young man, as Randy tensed for the first blows. However the blows landed
with no harm to Randy. Randy could feel and see the kinetic energy being
redirected away from him.

With some concentration Randy realized that he could control
the flow of the kinetic energy. Before the thugs realized what was happening,
turned the battering he was to receive on his opponents. Randy laughed as the
three beat themselves into submission.

Randy quickly turned his ability to fighting for money. In
one such fight Randy became overzealous and nearly killed his opponent. This
set him on the radar of the federal government. Being eighteen Randy signed to
join the meta-powers agent training for the federal government. Randy excelled
in various fields of study, mostly in hand to hand combat.

Randy found himself on the fast track to covert missions and
a code name of By-pass. By-pass soon became an agent of high distinction with
many rescue missions and some covert ones where he served as support and
protection. This brought him to a re-assignment to a new senatorial sponsored
organization named WASP (see file: WASP Primary00). Here Randy found the love
of his life in fellow agent Lisa Henshaw code named Sprite (see file: Renegade

The two first served with loyalty and without question but
soon started questioning the nature of their missions. The two agents seemed to
get back in line when the newest team member code named Murmur (see file:
WASP004/Murmur) signed on. The suspicions in the missions of WASP came to a
head when the team leader Black Foxx (see file: WASP001/Black Foxx) disregarded
all rules and was willing to sacrifice an entire city for his own ends.

Sprite and By-pass stayed to stop the toxic gas from
escaping with led to Lisa Henshaw suffering a physical change to her body as
well as a change in metahuman ability. The two were offered a membership in the
newly formed Renegade Force (see file: Renegade Force Primary00) which they
accepted willingly.

Thanks to their exemplary records the two earned pardons for
all the trumped up charges being logged against the team. Randy and Lisa even
have negotiated an exclusive contract with the federal government and answers
to the Agency (see file: Renegade Force 011/Support). Randy is a loyal member
of the team and can be counted on to complete his assignments after the safety
of his teammates are assured.

Abilities: By-pass has the ability to re-direct the
flow of kinetic energy in any direction he chooses. If Randy doesn’t
concentrate on a direction any kinetic energy is directed at him is dissipated
around him in all directions. By-pass is able to handle the kinetic energy up
to a point blank shot from a forty five caliber pistol.

After receiving an extensive exam and analysis, Randy has
been given a better understanding of his metahuman ability and more diverse
ways to use it. Randy is working on absorbing the kinetic energy and
transferring it to his own movements, like a turbo charge to his punches and
kicks. He is also looking to try and augment his personal strength the kinetic

End of entry

"Nice write up on Randy babe,” states Debra as she stretches
which causes her to stick out her distended belly. Christen yawns, “Man, what
time is it?” “Would you believe one in the morning our time. Space will do that
to you,” comments Spencer making a mental note in programming the lights for
day and night settings. Agreeing that it’s too late to head back to Earth, the
gang decides to spend the night. Spencer leads the girls to the living

Ending Transmission
Belly Girl #39: Time Twist: Belly Blast from the Past

The swirling of the time vortex settles and Tiffany Evans
feels reality settle in. As her vision clears Tiffany sees that she is back at
the museum with the rest of her teammates. “Tiffany what are you wearing?” asks
Laurie staring at her best friend. “Funny story about that,” says Tiffany
pulling off a pair of red flared gloves.

Tiffany pulls back the red cowl of her red, white and blue
costume that matches that of Mother America’s perfectly. “So it seems that I am
the first big bellied heroine after all.” Belly Girl removes the cowl and cape.
“I was sent back to nineteen forty three by that contraption,” says Tiffany
pointing a thumb at the time machine. “My trip popped me back at a …”

Tiffany gains focus and finds herself standing in the middle
of the dock-works. Before the young woman can take in her surroundings she
hears “You, look out!” the big bellied heroine turns and collides her big round
belly into a man running at top speed. The man hits Tiffany’s belly bulge and
is knocked flat. A tall statuesque woman dressed in a colorful top and black
military pants vaults over a stack of pallets.

Tiffany is awestruck to see Lady of Liberty straighten up
and grab up the man by his collar. “Miss, are you okay? I chased this spy
around the corner and…” The wartime heroine looks down at Tiffany’s bare
bulging belly “My goodness your clothes, and… and you’re with child!” states
the heroine in a loud whisper. “You’re Lady of Liberty,” states Tiffany in a
sense of wonder. “Yes I am. I think we need to get you to a doctor.”

Tiffany assures the Lady that she is fine. “In fact I think
I may be of some help to you.” Tiffany walks with the golden age heroine and
explains about Belly Girl, her team and being from the future after the two
drop off the spy at the nearest Military Police station. Tiffany reverted back
to her flat bellied self and worked to cover up the best she could. Lady of
Liberty decides to take Tiffany back to her headquarters.

Once there Tiffany is introduced to the rest of the heroines
of the Homefront. Tiffany is thrilled to meet these legendary women in person.
The heroine of the future is surprised to learn that Spellerina is a true
ballerina and Water Spout is studying Marine Biology. “So what can the kid do?”
asks Riveter. Lady of Liberty gestures to Tiffany. “Show ‘em what you got.”

Tiffany summons the extra-dimensional energy and feels the
change come over her. The young heroine then takes to the air and flies around
the team’s warehouse headquarters. Tiffany then grabs up a giant anchor and
lifts it over her head. “Impressive. She can do what some of my bots can do,
though tha baby belly has something to be desired,” says the helmeted Necessity
with great sarcasm.

The rest of the team is impressed with the performance. Lady
of Liberty who turns out to be an army secretary and the secret liaison for the
team puts a vote for Tiffany to join the team. All vote yes with Necessity
being the last to raise her hand with a look of reluctance. “So it’s settled,
we have a new powerhouse by the name of Mother America, the Pregnant Patriot on
the team.” “Uh, LL I’m… it’s not a baby in here, its energy,” states tiffany
patting her belly bump.

Weeks go by and the red, white and blue wonder takes to the team
and the missions the team take on. Tiffany has helped the girls stop spies,
saboteurs and other Fifth Columnist activities. Tiffany especially enjoys
teaming with Spellerina but is reduced to a side kick role or left out of the
mission completely when partnered with the robotic mistress. “I don’t think
Necessity likes me Riveter.” “She doesn’t like anyone. She is bitter towards
all of us.” Riveter explains that in this male chauvinist time the woman genius
is not appreciated and has been scorned by the universities throughout the
world. “Wow, I guess I would be bitter too,” states Tiffany caressing her
distended belly.

Necessity had a set of robots that were built with specific
abilities and uses. They came in many different sizes and shapes. Her three
favorite were the Skybot, a Manta Ray shaped robot that was capable of flight.
A small platform was designed for people to ride on the machine. Strongbot was
a stereotypical mechanical man of eight feet and was built for heavy lifting.
Her third was nicknamed MES for Mobile Emergency System. This creation was a
box roughly the size of a large suitcase that was packed with many tools and

Tiffany in her Mother America costume was assigned to a
mission with Riveter that has suspected undercover Nazis looking to procure
equipment to establish a secret base for super advanced weaponry. The two
heroines scope out the area on where the shipment was to be traded. “I never
knew the Nazis made this many attempt on American soil,” says Tiffany adjusting
her dark blue cuffed top boots. “As far as the country is concerned they
haven’t,” replies the fire wielding heroine.

Soon the two spot a group of darkly dressed men enter the
warehouse. Two of the men proceed to the center of the room while the rest take
up lookout spots. Tiffany and her teammate tense for action when large boxes
are moved up to the men. The two heroines are frozen in momentary surprise as
they see Strongbot step out from behind the crates.

“I don’t believe it, Nessa is a traitor! I’m calling in the
team,” says Riveter as she picks up the radio. The robotic engineer steps out
to confront the disguised Nazis. “I know the Reich will appreciate my genius
and all that it’s worth. Let me show you what great gifts I have for the
Fuehrer.” Necessity plays over her control gauntlet and Strongbot tears open
the four crates. Tiffany is shocked to see four Nazibots like she fought in the

Necessity reaches into a crate and brings out a control box.
She offers the box to one of the disguised villains only to see him sent flying
from a blast of high pressure water. “You’ll never get away with this, you
traitor!” yells out Water Spout. The robot mistress turns and sees her
teammates standing at the opening of the warehouse. “Why Necessity?” “Why, Lady
of Liberty? Simply put I am going to be the ruler of the world and then my
genius will be appreciated.”

The heroines scatter as the Nazi scramble for cover and let
loose with their guns. Spellerina bounces off in a spin of pirouettes and
kicks. The three Nazis off to the left are mesmerized by the heroine’s
performance. A silvery energy ribbon flows from behind the magic dancer and
wraps around the gun men. The three men find themselves ensnared in the ribbon.

Riveter and Water Spout have taken to fighting side by side.
The blue and red clad heroine summons fireballs and launches them at her
opponents. Water Spout in turn shoots her water spouts at the areas where the
fire has hit the wood. One fire ball hits the rifle of one of the Nazis causing
it to melt and the ammunition to explode taking the soldier out. Water Spout
follows up and flushes the two remaining gun men into the wall and knocks them

Tiffany soars in and clips Strongbot with her belly bump
knocking the robot to the side. Lady of Liberty sprints into action and soon
has the last Nazi lying on the ground through some martial arts moves. The
patriotic leader makes a move and is able to kick the control box from her
traitorous friend’s hands. “You haven’t won this Lady!” There in no way for you
to defeat my Mech men!” yells Necessity as she twists a knob on her gauntlet.

To Tiffany’s surprise one of the Nazibots starts to move.
Lady of Liberty leaps up and lands a kick to the robot’s head. The robot is
only rocked by this. Riveter lets fly with a barrage of fire balls that catch
the crates on fire. Mother America crashes her big round belly into the head of
the animated Nazibot snapping it completely off. “Now that’s knocking its block
off,” kids Riveter. Necessity lets out a roar of anger. Tiffany lands and
attacks Strongbot. In seconds the big robot is reduced to scrap. “No I will not
loose to a group of feeble minded women, I…” Suddenly Necessity finds herself
encased in a silvery energy mist. “Those crates are going to blow,” warns Riveter.
The team sprints for the door and just clears it when the warehouse explodes.

Unseen by the rest of the Homefront Heroines, a shiny glow
surrounds Tiffany. The big bellied heroine fades from sight as a rest gather
their senses and a head count is taken. ”…and then I ended up here.” Wow, so
these women were a secret group that protected the country from the Axis
invasions?” says Laurie gesturing to the display. “Yeah and I was one of them
for a short time,” replies Belly Girl.

Just then four elderly women enter the exhibit area. One
woman is of oriental descent and is pushing another in a wheelchair. The
wheelchair bound woman carries herself as a dancer would to her best abilities.
A third woman is dressed in a thick sweater and is wearing dark sunglasses. The
last woman is a strong, tall statuesque built woman that appears half the age
of the others. Streaks of silver run through her black hair. “As far as we are
concerned you still are Belly Girl or should we call you Mother America.”
Tiffany turns at the voice of Riveter. The young woman runs and hugs the older
women with tears in her eyes.

The End
Belly Girl #38: Time Twist: Future Fight

Balloon Girl lets out a yell as she watches her best friend
disappear. Laurie is grabbed by Heidi in her super strong Gutt form as Balloon
Girl rushes towards where her friend once was. The two are struck by the device
and fade out. Disorientation passes for Balloon Girl and Gutt and the heroines
are stunned by their surroundings.

Instead of being in the historical museum where the Belly
Brigade was fighting with a group of Nazi robots that were mysteriously activated
the two find themselves in the middle of a city street. The teammates survey
the area and are speechless at the destruction. “Where are we Heidi and what
happened?” “I haven’t the slightest clue Laurie, but something very bad
happened here.”

The city appears to have been through a war. Many buildings
have holes in them. Not a pane of glass in the block seems to be left unbroken
if not shattered. A few of the buildings are nothing but piles of rubble. The
girls revert to their normal forms and start down the street in the direction
that seems less broken. “This is very strange and creepy Heidi. If there was
some disaster here, where are the bodies? Where are the police cars or even a
tank or something?” Heidi shakes her head with no words to describe the scene
that heroines see.

The girls turn the corner and come to a halt. Standing in
front of the heroines is a squad of either robots or men in power armor.
“Freeze! You will be taken in for processing. The resistance of bio-forms will
be crushed by order of our lords and masters,” announces one of the mechanized
menaces. The troops raise their arms in unison as lights and a hum builds from
barrels in their wrist.

"Belly up Heidi!” calls out Laurie as she feels her body
expand out. Balloon girl jumps into the air and bounces off the ground. An
instant later the robotic troops let loose with a volley of energy bolts from
their wrist blasters. The bolts fly under the bouncing Balloon Girl and
ricochets off the huge belly of Gutt. “Stop, that tickles guys,” says Gutt as
she stomps her super powerful foot into the street. The blow sends shockwaves
through the street causing the attackers to stumble about as they fight to keep
their balance.

Balloon Girl bounces off the side of a building and crushes
her super round belly into the wobbling troops. Laurie seizes the helmet of one
of the fallen troopers and yanks with all her might. Sparks and squealing
noises come from the neck of the trooper. “They’re robots,” relays Balloon Girl
as she bounces clear of the pile of opponents.

Gutt launches her super sized body into the air and lands in
the center of the battle. Heidi crushes two of the robots into the street with
her landing. She then grabs up one and tears it in half. Balloon Girl is
bouncing around the perimeter of the fight keeping the troopers from spreading
out and actually destroying a few with her attacks.

Suddenly energy weapon fire comes from an alleyway that
strikes both the robots and the heroines. “Hey, who the heck is shooting at us
now?” questions Laurie as she takes a blast of energy in her round belly. “Mot
chure,” says Gutt with a mouth full of robot. The two women hear shouting as
the final robot explodes from energy fire.

"Cease fire!” “I think I see living out there.” “Hear that,
more survivors.” The girls hear coming from the alleyway. Balloon Girl lands
and reverts to her smaller more curvaceous figure next to Gutt. From their
hiding places in the alley a group of men and women step into the street. The
group is dressed in ragtag clothing of a patch-worked military style. All are
armed and pointing their weapons at the heroines. The point-man signals the
squad of eight to halt and lower their weapons.

"I don’t believe it! Members of the Belly Brigade alive!”
shouts the point-man to the rest. The squad comes at a jog to see what the
shouting is all about. The soldiers are amazed at the sight of Laurie and
Heidi. “I’m Captain Harrolson of the Human Resistance. You must be Balloon Girl
and Gutt. I would recognize you anywhere,” states the squad leader taking
Laurie’s hand in a vigorous shake. Some of the soldiers reach out and touch
Heidi’s big round belly as if it might not be real.

The squad lead the girls back into the alleyway and to an
open sewer drain. Heidi slims down to her normal size as she enters the storm
sewer. After many twist and turns the seemingly endless march brings the team
into the basement of an abandoned prison. The girls are treated as celebrities
as they are introduced to the small community of refugees.

"So captain what happened up there?” asks Heidi as the group
grabs some food and sits to eat. “About fifteen years ago your base in Bellto
was hit by a low yield nuclear bomb. Then the Mech men showed up.” The captain
goes on how the countries fell to the robotic army quickly after all the major
meta-powers were taken out. “We’ve been fighting just to survive ever since.”

"You said this started fifteen years ago, right? So what
year is this?” asks Laurie. “Twenty Forty Five, why?” replies Harrolson. Laurie
turns to Heidi with a stunned expression. “We’re in the future,” says the
stunned heroine. “Captain, you won’t believe me but we are from Twenty
Thirteen, thirty two years ago,” states Gutt to the leader.

Before the captain can make sense of what he just heard a
soldier comes running up to the man. “Sir, message from the North Ridge. They
are on their way sir.” “Are you positive Jonesy?” “Hard to miss those two when
moving.” “How long we have?” asks the captain, “three days, maybe five at the
most before they hit the city.”

The captain explains that the mechanized army that has set
out to make the human race extinct is controlled by a couple of giant robots
that reference themselves as the Warlord and the Mistress. Harrolson goes on to
explain that the two intervene in areas of the world where resistance is
strongest. “Their combined might leaves nothing standing when they are
through.” “You say we have about a week to prepare? Well we do have a couple of
secret weapons against them, us,” proclaims Laurie.

The deadline looms and plans are put into motion. All the
non-combatants are moved from the area. With the help of the heroines the Human
Resistance is able to gain great intel on the advancing army. The day comes
and, “Sighting confirmed. They are here,” comes over the radio.

The first wave of robot troopers are taken out by booby
traps set by the human fighters. The Resistance troops take up position as the
two Belly Brigade members get their first view of their enemy. One is male, the
other female in human build. Both are made of metal and stand twenty feet. The
male’s head is designed after a medieval knight helmet with a grill over the
mouth. The female is of striking beauty with an unusual and unique feature for
a creature of metal and electronics.

The Mistress is a curvaceously built proximity of femininity
that has a huge protruding belly so she resembles a woman in her third
trimester. “Why would a robot build itself to look pregnant?” questions Laurie.
Before an answer can be given the Mech men have engaged the Resistance. Heidi
summons the change and a group of robots are sent sailing by her huge belly
bulge. Balloon Girl inflates and takes to her bump and bounce smashing.

Chaos ensues on the battlefield as the heroines and soldiers
fight the robot drones to a virtual standstill. The Warlord steps over and
confronts Gutt. “This is impossible! You were eliminated years ago! How did you
survive?” asks the Warlord as her takes a swing at the enormous belly of
Heidi’s. Gutt jumps up and smashes the giant robot in the chest, cracking the
plate covering it. “Balloon Girl, distract Warlord while I see if I can take
the fight inside.” Heidi reverts to her slim form and slides through the crack
she made.

Laurie grabs up a chunk of concrete and uses it to smash
into the head of the robot. “After all these years I finally get to destroy one
of you metas that bested me so long ago,” cries out Warlord. The statement
causes Balloon Girl to wonder which leads to almost being hit by the Mistress.
Laurie capitalizes and bounces off the big metal belly of the female robot.
“Warbot is that you?” asks the bouncing beauty.

Warlord lets out a yell of anger and collapses. Through the
crack in its chest the slim form or Dr. Feesal crawls through. Heidi is
carrying a familiar looking cylinder roughly the size of a thermos. The belly
of Heidi’s explodes out and in her Gutt form devours the device that housed the
Warbot program. The Mistress lets out a shriek of frustration. “You have
destroyed my love! For that I shall take great pleasure in destroying you with
one of your loved ones.”

Laurie lands next to her friend and both stare at their
opponent. The metallic belly bulge of the Mistress slowly irises opens and the
sight inside freezes the girls. Centered inside the robot’s distended belly is
the secured body of Tiffany Evans. A series of cables run from the imprisoned
heroine’s back and up into the robot. “Now to end this,” sneers the Mistress as
she places a hand on her belly bump. The body of Tiffany spasms and her belly
begins to expand. A purple glow emits form the globe that is the Mistress’s

Gutt grabs up a large beam that is twisted into a point on
one end. The big bellied heroine lets out a yell and throws the beam like a
javelin. The spear is on a direct course for the center of the Mistress’s
bulging belly. a sudden glow comes over Gutt and Balloon Girl and the two fade
out as the beam pierces the robot’s big belly.

Orientation returns to Heidi and Laurie to a familiar and
comforting sight of their teammates.  “I sure hope we can prevent that future
from coming to be,” says Gutt.  “No kidding and I thought Teminator was a
stupid movie to begin with,” says Laurie as she deflates to her normal size.
“Tiffany what are you wearing?” asks Laurie staring at her best friend. “Funny
story about that,” says Tiffany.

The Semi-ending
Belly Girl #36: Time Twist

Belly Girl #37: Time Twist - Prehysteria

The day started out as a rare relaxing trip to the
historical museum for the Belly Brigade. There the team was taking in a
traveling exhibit of some of the little known items created during the wartime
of the 1940s. One display had early robots created by an unknown genius for the
German Army.

In fashion for the Belly Brigade the robots were
mysteriously activated ending their peaceful day. The battle ensued in another
exhibit room that displayed a strange machine that was created for an unknown
purpose. The machine was energized and activated accidentally through the
fighting and five members of the Belly Brigade disappeared.

"Water Lilly!” warns Wendi as the big bellied surfing
heroine is sliding into the path of the time emitter. Shunt flips through the
air and tries to stop her friend. Tess is a fraction of a second late and the
two are caught in the beam. Shunt and Water Lilly suffer great disorientation
as reality becomes a blur for the two.

Reality comes back into focus and Areina’s first
comprehensive sight is of Tess tackling her. Water Lilly lands flat on her back
as she is knocked down by her teammate’s momentum. Shunt lands on top of her
friend’s big water filled belly and bounces off. Tess flips over Areina and
lands sprawled on her back. “Is this dirt we landed on?” “Sure feels like it
Tess,” says Water Lilly as she struggles to sit up. The two sit up back to back
and take in their surroundings.

"So what happened and where the heck are we anyway?” asks
Tess as she helps her friend to her feet. “I have no idea, I say someplace
tropic but I’ve never seen plants like this anywhere.” The girls find
themselves in a small clearing surrounded by lush green plants that resemble
large leafed ferns. “They look like something from a dinosaur movie,” says
Tessa touching on of the plants. The girls turn in the direction of a sound from
a roar from a large animal. “I don’t think we are alone,” says Water Lilly.

The heroines are frozen for a moment with astonishment as
they feel the ground shake under their feet. Shunt dives out of the way of a
herd of ostrich like reptiles that break through the vegetation. Areina is
stunned to see the group of dinosaurs bolt past her. “Were those dinosaurs?”
asks Tess, Areina nods yes. The momentary quiet is broken by another roar, this
one much closer. The girls turn to see a twelve foot Tyrannosaurus crash
through the tree line. The giant lizard stops in surprise by the sight in front
of it. The dinosaur lets out a roar and dives at the two.

Tess and Areina dive out of the way of the attack. Water
Lilly cuts loose with a blast of high pressure water at the face of the
Tyrannosaur. Shunt leaps and lands a fierce blow to the side of the animal’s
head as it recoils from the water attack. Areina summons up her wave and takes
off into the forest. Tess vaults off the dinosaur’s head to land behind her
teammate. Shunt holds onto Water Lilly’s hips as the big bellied heroine
propels them away.

The Tyrannosaurus quickly recovers and takes off after the
retreating girls. “Can you make this thing go any faster?” shouts Tessa as she
looks over her shoulder to see the dinosaur gaining on them. “I’m afraid to
push it much more without being able to see more in front of us,” replies
Areina. Shunt steels herself and holds tight to Water Lilly as she stares back
at the charging reptile.

Suddenly Areina feels a warm fleshing orb in her lower back.
“You can slow down Areina, I got’em.” Water Lilly reaches back and feels the
side of Tessa’s big round belly. Shunt takes her friend’s hand and drops back
on the wave. Tess then swings her hips and thrusts her belly bump out to the
side. Catching the momentum of her movement, Shunt concentrates and projects
the dinosaur up and out of her ‘pocket’. The beast flies off to crash into the

The two come to a rest when they feel they are a safe
distance from their playmate. “Man it sure is hot and humid out here,” states
Shunt as she wipes her forehead. “This might help,” says Water Lilly. Areina
rubs the side of her round belly and closes her eyes. The water manipulating
heroine puckers her lips and blows a fine cooling mist at her friend. Tess is
refreshed by the cool water.

The two hear strange noises and set out to investigate. The
girls come across a small valley of cleared flat ground. As they peer over the
short ridge the heroines are shocked by the sight they see. Two tall strongly
built male human shaped beings are looking over a device that appears to be a
panel of some sort. There is an assortment of cubes spread around the site.

The two figures are a dark red color and are dressed in what
looks like white armor or a space suit. Strapped to a table is a six foot
Tyrannosaurus. “I don’t like the look of this,” says Shunt as she points to a
set of cages positioned behind the table. Areina stares at the contents of the
cages and is shocked to see that the creatures are of various dinosaurs with
humanoid features.

Tess knocks some gravel loose as she shifts her position and
catches the attention of the alien beings. One alien points up at the girls as
he turns a dial on his belt. The being states something in a language that
sound like nothing from the planet. “What do you think he’s saying Tess?”  The
two stand, their stealth now mute. “Please come,” comes from the alien. Areina
looks at Tess who shrugs her shoulders and the two climb down. The heroines
face the aliens and one raises his hand. A circular device rests in his palm
and emits a soft light.

"Be not afraid it is only a scan. We Ontarrans are here to
conduct research,” states one of the aliens. The second one who holds the
device, “Interesting, the two of you are native to this world but come from the
far future. How did you become chronally displaced?” “Not sure how that
happened. Can you possibly help up?” asks Areina. “They are anomalies and must
be destroyed before they corrupt our research,” states the one holding the

The other alien produces a similar device as the first one
lets fly with a bolt of energy at the girls. Shunt and Water Lilly dive in
opposite directions as the ground explodes. Tess finds coverage behind the
table that holds the dinosaur. Areina rolls to her feet and thrusts out her
bulging belly. a blast of water streams from Water Lilly’s protruding belly and
knocks the alien off is feet before he could get a shot off.

The second alien already armed is taking pot shots at Shunt
with no regards for the poor animal trapped on the table. One shot hits a panel
on the table which releases the lizard from the table and the Tyrannosaur takes
off into the wild.

Tess looks the area over and spots a boulder near the side
of the valley wall. Shunt rolls clear of the table and stares at the rock. The alien
momentarily stops with curiosity as he watches the woman’s abdomen swell up and
round out. Tess stands and points up. The alien follows the big bellied
heroine’s finger and is shocked to see the boulder suddenly materialize above
his head. The boulder comes crashing down as the alien jumps out of the way.
The rock bounces off the ground and smashes into one of the strange cubes.

The cube explodes. The two aliens cry out and fade from
sight. “Well that was unexpected,” says Water Lilly dusting off her swollen
middle. “Yeah, figured the fight would be longer,” adds Shunt. The two look
over at the captured beings. “We should free them.” “You’re right on that point
Tess but what about the time line. I don’t remember there being any dino-men.”
As the two look at the creatures one signals the girls.

Water Lilly uses a super high pressure stream of water to
cut the locks off the cages. The dinoids approach the two with signs of
gratitude and friendship. “Not sure what their trying to say but they don’t
seem to mean us any harm,” conveys Tess to Areina who is having her big belly
caressed by a humanoid Triceratops. The party freezes as a roar comes from an
area with heavy vegetation.

The reptile that was strapped to the exam table springs from
its cover ready to attack the party. Tess concentrates and sends the beast to
her pocket dimension. The dino-beings are shocked to see Tess’ belly bulge out.
“Its okay, the danger is gone,” informs the heroine caressing the side of her
belly bump. Before the eyes of the humanoid reptiles the two big bellied girls
begin to glow. An instant later the two heroines fade from sight. The dino-beings
communicate with each other and begin to collect the alien devices left behind.

Tess and Areina suffer the disorientation as before and once
their heads clear find themselves back in the museum. “That was amazing.” “You
said it Areina and it looks like I accidentally brought back a souvenir,” says
Shunt patting the side of her big round belly. The girls are relieved to see
the rest of their teammates return to the present time.

The Semi-ending


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