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The Bellyworks Database
(Who’s who & what’s what in the Bellyverse)

Entry: 006

“Okay Ain that’s the final weld. Let’s see if the air
scrubber/re-generator works,” states the technopathic hero Tech-head. “Systems
are operational and pressure is holding Spencer,” replies the sentient computer
program and best friend to Spencer, Ain. “Sounds good Ain, this exo-suit
handles like a dream.” Tech-head maneuvers over to the group’s customized
shuttle plane and enters the air lock.

After stowing the armored work suit Spencer exits through
the opposite side air lock and enters the expanded Skydat station. “Wow, the
air smells like a fine spring day,” says Spencer inhaling deeply. The super
sized head of Spencer rests back in a lounge chair as the hero relaxes. Spencer
activates the database computer. “I see you added another file to the system,
mind if I take a look?” “Not at all Spencer. I will scout out the next closest
piece we can salvage.” Spencer opens the file.

Database entry: Belly Brigade (file: 005/Water Lilly)

Name: Water Lilly

Real Name: Areina Hornacku

Height: 5’ 6”      Weight: 110lbs

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black

Origin: Areina Hornacku was born into the Open Hand
clan that lives on the small chain of islands off the coast of Japan.
The islands have mystical properties that keep them hidden from the world. The
Open Hand is the current ruling clan to the islands and bring justice and peace
to their little island homes. There are a total of five clans living in the
island chain with the Open Hand and its rival in size and power the Closed Fist
being the largest. The other clans are small and are devoted to studies in
knowledge and enlightenment.

Every five years or so a team from each clan are chosen to
compete for the magical energy of the Celestial Dragon. The clan that is able
to collect the Dragon’s Tear has the ruling control over the mystical islands.
This has led to many battles between the Open Hand and Closed Fist clans that
have shaken the very islands of the area.

Almost everyone born to the various clans have a degree of magical
ability to manipulate the mystical energies for various uses. Very rarely a
person comes along with no magical ability who is known to be magic mute.
Areina was born one.

All through her childhood Areina worked diligently in trying
to find her magical ability with no use. Becoming very frustrated in her
pursuit she channeled all her energy into the many forms of martial arts
offered by the clans. During the training Areina met and had a friendly rivalry
with Noriko Kazumi who would some day become the Black Scorpion of the Closed
Fist clan.

During one of her many exhausting training runs Areina found
herself in a small clearing containing a strange shaped stone. The large
boulder sat in the center of the clearing with a hollowed shelf in the side of
it. A clear pool of water filled the bowl shaped recess. Working up a great
thirst from her run Areina tested the water and could not believe the cool
sweetness of the pool.

In short order Areina drained the pool. To her surprise the
pool of water revealed itself to be an ancient water elemental that wished to
transcend to its next level of existence. This water elemental took special
interest in the young woman due to her dedication in her studies. In its last
act in this plane of reality the water elemental bestowed its liquid
manipulation abilities to Areina.

Feeling the surge of power from the passing of the elemental
Areina could not wait to try out her new powers. After a lengthy discussion
with her parents Areina elected to hone her abilities by using them abroad. She
quickly learned of the Belly Brigade and sought out membership as the round
bellied Water Lilly.

Abilities: Water Lilly has total control over the
liquid state; water being her choice for is ease and various states to
manipulate. She is able to draw moisture from the air and use it in any way she
chooses. Areina quickly discovered that she could store a large amount of water
in her body to use as a reserve tank. She centralizes the stored water in her
abdominal region that causes her belly to swell up and resemble a pregnancy in
a normal woman.

Areina can project this water in powerful blasts of varying
pressures and size. Water Lilly is able to have the water blast to a thread
sized diameter with enough pressure to cut stone. She can also release the
water in a huge flooding wave. Areina commonly creates a wave of water which
she foot surfs on as her preferred form of transportation.

Areina has the ability to draw in water from around her at
great quantities. This causes her to swell greatly which she can only hold for
a short time. Water Lilly has used her ability to draw water from objects such
as plant life, dehydrating the objects to a dried out brittle state. Recently
Areina has expanded on her manipulation of water and its various states. Currently
she is able to project streams of high temperature steam as well as ice.

Areina has taken her extensive martial arts training and
worked her unique physical make-up to create a fighting style that utilizes her
firm water filled round belly in both offensive and defensive moves. After
joining the Belly Brigade Areina has worked with the various members to
maximize their fighting techniques. Water Lilly has a gifted intellect and has
been a great assistance to Dr Holstrom as well as a great team member to the
Belly Brigade.
End of entry

“Cool entry Ain. I have one myself for you to check out.”
Tech-head closes his eyes and uses his ability to mentally download the file.
“This one is near and dear to me Ain.” The sentient program accesses the file
just archived.

Database entry: Renegade Force (file: 005/Midriff)

Name: Midriff

Real Name: Debra Huxton

Height: 6’ 0”        Weight: 165lbs

Eyes: Brown          Hair: Black

Origin: Debra Huxton lived an average childhood for
the most part. A tomboy in the beginning Deb seemed to have a near endless
supply of energy. With the onset of puberty Debra suffered from moments of
unconsciousness that seemed to hit her randomly. After a set of medical exams
the doctors discovered that Debra’s adrenal glands were three times the size of
a person her age.

Through medication the doctors were able to regulate the
amount of adrenaline that entered Deb’s system to prevent the overload which
was causing her to pass out. As Debra entered high-school and discovered the
world of sports, she began to experiment with her medication use to help
heighten her strength and stamina through the extra adrenaline in her system.

Debra excelled in volleyball and softball and obtained
scholarship offers from many colleges. She accepted one at the state university
and quickly took to the life of a college athlete. During her freshmen year she
met the man of her dreams in a computer tech by the name of Spencer Davasinski.
Spencer quickly fell for Debra who was the athletic yin to his nerdy yang.

During her sophomore year Debra met and befriended a
freshman by the name of Christen Cantz. The two spent much time together to the
point that Christen confided her secret ability to Debra. Deb accompanied
Spencer and Christen to a strange invite party. The party was a trap which was
set by a rogue group of scientists later dubbed the Tweekers Program.

The scientists took an interest in Debra because of her
physical mutation but not having a high mark in carrying the meta-gene. Debra
was subjected to series of tests and experiments by the doctors in order to
augment her natural ability. Through the guidance set by Spencer who was taken
and experimented on, Debra and Christen were able to escape the lab into a
series of tunnels used by the Tweekers Program.

During their journey through the tunnels Debra would
occasionally complain about a bloating and heaviness in her abdomen. The two
came across a fellow prisoner who was hideously changed by the experiments.
Debra used her enhanced strength to subdue and restrain the creature. After a
short rest the girls noted a drastic change in Debra. For some unknown reason
Debra’s abdominal region became rounded and greatly distended, making her look
as if she was with child.

With little time to worry the two young women were quickly
cornered by the pursuing Rat Catchers. Debra in defense instantly shifted her
molecular density of her big round belly to first a diamond hard state to a
near intangible one. Debra also used her enhanced strength to fight off the

The newly formed Renegade Force arrived to save the girls
who in turn quickly joined the team. With further information carried by Debra
who took the code name Midriff was used to help break up the Tweekers Program
and rescue others that were being held. Debra is a solid and confident fighter
who keeps a cool head during a mission.

Abilities: Debra Huxton has the ability to enhance
her strength and stamina for a limited amount of time. She accomplishes this
due to the extreme amount of adrenaline that she produces from her oversized
adrenal glands. Through practice she has learned to regulate the rate she can
sustain the boost. Her control has been further augmented due to the barrage of
testing and experiments that were performed on her.

Additionally Debra’s abdominal area became permanently
distended by the Tweekers Program. Debra has discovered she has the unique
ability to control the molecular density of her big round belly. Through minor
concentration Debra can compress her belly’s molecules to a density greater
then diamond making in impossible to hurt. She can also shift the density to a
near intangible state that allows matter to pass through it.

Through practice and training Debra has on limited occasions
be able to shift her entire body’s density. Debra is a natural fighter and has
excelled in hand to hand combat training that is enhanced by her super powered
abilities. Debra is loyal and refuses to lead a friend in need.

End of entry

Ain closes the file and runs the security program. “Thank
you Spencer for the entry.” “It was a pleasure to write that one Ain. However I
think we should be getting back. I’m missing my girl.” Spencer and Ain secure
the newly expanded Skydat and board the space plane. The ship is quietly
disengaged from the satellite and glides towards Earth.

Ending Transmission
Belly Girl #35: Quintuple Threat

Souring through the clear sky is the spherical form of the
beautiful Belly Girl. Tiffany Evans who as a teen was transformed into the
pregnant looking powerhouse at the result of a lab accident has had many
adventures in her short career. Through those adventures she has met many
strange and wonderful beings as well as formed a team of her close friends, the
Belly Brigade. Belly Girl is simply enjoying the peace and quiet on this warm
spring day when an explosion goes off right in front of her.

Tiffany is rocked by the concussive force as she veers out
of the way. The big bellied heroine scans the area for any signs that might
have caused the attack. Belly Girl catches a reflection off of a metallic
surface from a roof top. Tiffany swoops down and sees a being that is either a
short man in a suit of power armor or a robot. The metallic man turns and fires
a blast from his right arm that resembles a barrel of a large weapon. A bolt of
energy hits Tiffany in her distended belly. The only effect the blast has is to
drive Belly Girl into the air due to the force of the blast. “Okay, no more
playing around,” states the heroine as she jets below the roof tops of the

Loosing sight of its target the mechanical menace takes off
running across the roof top. The attacker leaps from building to building at a
quick pace. In the middle of one of its jumps the automaton collides with the
rounded belly of Tiffany who has flown into her attacker’s path. The robotic
being crashes into the roof. “Ha! Got you now!” cries out Belly Girl as she
dives at the metal man. Tiffany smashes her big belly into the robot again as
it tries to get up. Tiffany notices the damaged left arm that confirms that her
opponent is not human but a machine.

Belly Girl lands and turns to see the robot raise its gun
arm and prepare to fire. Tiffany readies herself and takes the blast with her
bulging belly. Being prepared this time the attack doesn’t even move the big
bellied heroine. “My turn,” replies Tiffany. Belly Girl uses her super strength
and smashes the robot with a solid right cross. She follows through with a spin
kick and sends the mechanical man tumbling over the roof top, to crash into the
side of the neighboring building. Tiffany looses sight of her opponent as it
bounces off the building and falls. Belly Girl takes flight and lands in the
alley way but finds no sign of her robotic attacker.

Laurie Seaburg, best friend of Tiffany as well as a super
heroine in her own right by the name of Balloon Girl is also out enjoying the
day at the park entertaining a group of children. Laurie has the ability to
inflate her body into a round ball-like shape that allows her bounce. Her skin
is very durable making it impossible to penetrate it. Currently she has inflated
her belly and is having the kids bounce on it like a hoppy castle. Cries of
fear and a crowd of people come running from one end of the park. Laurie orders
the teacher to take the kids out of the park as she goes to investigate the

Balloon Girl bounces off the ground and gets herself
airborne. Laurie spots a stocky looking short robot with huge oversized fists
uprooting a tree. The mechanical man throws the tree at the fleeing people.
Laurie deflates and let’s herself fall into the path of the tree. At the last
moment she balloons out her belly and takes the impact of the flying tree.
Laurie and the tree fly off in opposite directions.  Balloon Girl quickly
catches herself and ricochets back towards the robot. The attacking automaton
is nowhere to be seen.

Areina Hornacku is down at the beach enjoying the sun.
Areina is the mystical martial artist of the Belly Brigade known as Water
Lilly. Areina received her ability to control water after accidentally drinking
a dieing Water Elemental. Areina is sunbathing and watching the people play in
the water. Suddenly two objects explode out of the surf. Water Lilly sees twin
robots land on the sand.

Both humanoid robots are slim in build and have swords coming
out the elbows instead of forearms and hands. Areina summons in her water
reserve which swells out her belly as she springs to her feet. The robots
startle the groups of people which start a stampede for the parking lot. The
water filled heroine jumps on her transport wave and distracts the metal men
away from the crowd. Areina surfs between the two who each take a swipe at her.
Water Lilly drops into a limbo stance and watches the dual blades pass just
above her protruding belly. Each robot strikes the other causing sparks to fly.
Water Lilly stretches out and blasts one robot with bolts of water from her
hands and the other with a geyser from her big belly.

The two machines are flung in opposite directions. Areina
spins and releases a wave of freezing water from her belly bulge which encases one
of the robots. Its twin vaults over the big bellied girl and tackles its
counterpart. Both menacing machines tumble into the water.

Retired agent Tessa McGyre who goes by the super-hero name
Shunt is out on a walk near the base. Tessa turns a corner and comes face to
face with a large bulky robot. The robot has stunted legs that give it a
gorilla-like stance. Shunt flips back as a huge fist comes slamming down into
the pavement. Tessa crouches down and scans the area. Shunt makes a grab with
her power to send the robot into her pocket dimension but fails.

“So you are able to jam my power. Let’s see if that is
strictly you or do you cover a larger area.” Tessa dodges the robot’s attack
and spots an industrial sized dumpster. Tess sprints at the robot, jumps up at
a street light, catches the light and uses it to flip over the robot.

She lands behind the mechanical monster. Tessa stares at the
dumpster and it fades from sight. Shunt gives her newly swollen belly a quick
rub and turns. As the big bellied heroine sprints towards her opponent Tessa
shifts her big belly to one side and then thrusts it out. Shunt capitalizes on
the momentum of her round belly and catapults the materializing dumpster at the

The metal container crashes into the metallic menace sending
it into the side of a garage. The metal beast claws its way free and takes off.
Shunt radios in what has just occurred. Responses come in from the rest of the
girls as Tessa takes off after the fleeing robot. “Shunt, this is Belly Girl.
I’ll be with you in about a minute. Be coming in from the South.” “Check Belly
Girl, still in pursuit of my big bad bot. Sorry to hear you lost yours.” Water
Lilly and Balloon Girl also confirm their statuses.

The girls close in on one another when Shunt chases her
robotic adversary to the train switchyard. Tess looses sight of the robot as
the girls converge on her. “So we all had a battle with a robot.” “Well I had
two in my case Tiffany,” states Water Lilly as she caresses the side of her
round belly. “So we each fought different robots, what’s with this team and
robots?” asks Laurie in her balloon state. The girls hear crashing noises
coming from behind a set of box cars. Areina spots a few incoming robots to the
area. “Those two I fought at the beach,” “Yeah, old big hands there was at the
park,” notifies Laurie.

The girls follow the sounds around the cars to see an
unusual sight. The largest of the five robots has started to collapse its limbs
into itself while the other four perform similar transformations. The girls
look on as the smaller robots snap into place to quickly form one big robot.
Tess’s robot has formed the body and head of the conjoined creation. Tiffany’s
has morphed into the right arm which ends in a cannon, Laurie’s has become the
left arm with a huge oversized fist. Areina’s two are now the legs with razor
sharp blades coming from the ankles.

“Well that’s new,” states Laurie. The girls spring into
action as the giant fist comes swinging at them. Balloon Girl is last to move
and catches a glancing blow. The ball shaped girl is sent flying into a
locomotive engine. Laurie bounces off the train and uses the momentum to hit
the robot square in the head. The robot’s head snaps back from the impact and
staggers back. Belly Girl tries to catch the back of one of the legs but is
greeted by a swipe of the ankle blade to her belly bump. The blade snaps off as
it hits the young woman’s bulging belly.

“That thing acts almost as if there are different operators
trying to drive it,” says Water Lilly as she surfs away from an energy blast
from the gun arm. “Well maybe we need to hit it in a way that confuses the
operators,” says Shunt who has just filled her belly with railroad ties.
Tiffany comes up with an idea. Tess swings her belly bulge and launches the
beams at the combined robot. Belly Girl relays her plan to the rest. The robot
is knocked to the ground by Shunt’s attack.

The girls get into position as the robotic composite
awkwardly gets to its feet. “You sure about this Tiff?” “Never tired this Tess,
so cross your fingers and aim true.” Tessa gives a quick salute as Belly Girl
fades. Balloon Girl deflates and walks out to taunt the robot. As predicted the
robot raises its huge fist and winds up for an under-throw punch. Laurie
balloons up as the fist hits the ball shaped girl. Balloon Girl ricochets off a
train car and again uses the added momentum to slam her ballooned out belly
into the robot’s head.

At the same time Water Lilly releases a stream of super
heated steam from her distended belly, blasting into the gaps in the composite
robot. On cue Shunt swings her bulging belly and launches Belly Girl at the
mechanical man. Tiffany’s big belly glows a bright purple and an energy field
surrounds her. Belly Girl has concentrated all her energy into her shield. The
big bellied woman smashes through the chest of the metallic humanoid.

The menacing construct erupts into a mass of sparks and
scrap metal. “That ends another robot threat to the city,” jokes Laurie as the
girls gather together. Tiffany receives a few belly rubs and a hug from the
girls. “If only we can figure out where these things keep coming from,” says

In a secluded laboratory with the letters R-O-A-R embossed
above the doors, a secret collection of scientists and business suits look at
five chairs with technicians seated in them. Each Technician is wearing a high
tech interface helmet. Each helmet has smoke pouring out of it. “I warned you
pencil pushers that the human interface would not work,” states a hooded
figure. “Now Necessa, Roxcore has invested heavily in your Research On Advance
Robotics and feel we are due some results.” “I will tell you when your results
are ready!” states a feminine electronic voice. The hooded figure pulls back
the cover to reveal a female face made of metal. “And you will address me as
Madame Machine, or I should say your replacement will.” A steel hand clamps
around the Roxcore suit’s neck and begins to lift and squeeze.

The End


United States

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